Evening meeting with both Camrose Clubs. September 10, 2018
Meeting hosted by Camrose Rotary Daybreak club.
Destiny Reay opened the meeting with the singing of 0 Canada and Rotary Grace.
An introduction of guests and Happy Bucks.
Wine Survivor 2018 will be launched very soon.  Get your teams lined up for another chance at 100 bottles of wine!
Cannabis Information Panel with Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Dr. Tim Parker and Cst. John Fernhout.
This topic and the information provided was very valuable and allowed for a question period with all attendees. We heard about various matters related to cannabis legalization from the public health perspective and some of the municipal and law enforcement challenges.  Dr. Parker shared interesting science about how cannabis affects the brain as well as some comparisons between the effects of alcohol and cannabis. As the information is complicated and somewhat controversial we have chosen to list the related websites for you to do your own research. As the internet is filled with wrong information, this seemed the responsible way to present this information to our members and the community.
This is a brochure that includes many different points of interest.
We thank the presenters for taking the time to inform the Rotary clubs and guests. Polio vaccinations were presented as a thank you.
50/50 winner was Ron Grue and the casino had a draw for bottle of wine.
4-way test sung in Daybreak fashion.
Thank you for attending.