Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Sep 18, 2017
2017-09-18 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Club Assembly - Camrose Resort and Casino
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
Ashley White was supposed to present on her year in Austria but her grandfather, Peter LeBlanc, is very ill and will be rescheduled.
Health of the Club -  Jim Rasmussen is still recuperating from knee surgery but he is doing well.
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Hospice Society is hosting a symposium October 17, 2017, at the Norseman and keynote speaker is Jodie Carrington - Compassionate Communities:  How can we help our grieving children?
  • Rotary Cares tickets are available from Lou and while she's away in October, you can get them from Dan.
  • District Conference is a week away, Sept. 28-Oct.1,  The District has organized a bus to leave from Edmonton to the Fort MacMurray District Conference.  If anyone is interested in taking the bus, please contact Terry Demers at, 780-893-8683. Cost is $150 per person, which includes return transportation, a sandwich and drink and a movie.  
  • Received a cheque from District.  It is our 2017-2018 District Grant for $3500 and was applied to go towards the Tanzania Project.
  • Lou is collecting money for those who wanted to attend the Battle River Community Foundation Dinner honoring Ken And Shirley Rostad as Community Builders.  Tickets are $80 per person.
  • Sheets on the table are of financial reports which are last years preliminary reports showing we do have a deficit from last year.  The second sheet on the Rotary Gala showing net proceeds less than we had budgeted for, so we ended up with $30,000 and we thought we would have $40,000.  It raises a concern that we need to look at our fundraising and how we want to support our endeavors.
Happy Bucks
  • Paul - is a year older today.
  • Dan - had 2 weeks camping holiday in Viking and  Ferintosh.  Karaoke starts October 13, 2017, in the Casino and he is the Karaoke Man.  Rotary was represented at Registration Night with himself, Jenn and Tina helping out.
  • Roy - happy we have the grant approved and money is in the bank.
  • Tina - daughter applied, interviewed and now has a job at Walmart.
  • Lou - attended a wonderful wine night at the hotel and Argentinan wine is now her new favorite.  She and Kim were able to facilitate getting a wheelchair to Mexico for a gentleman in dire need and who couldn't get one from Puerta Vallarta.
  • Maurice - the Minister approved their (Larry from Aides to Daily Living and Maurice) application and Larry is working on getting another shipment of wheelchairs.
  • LeRoy - paid all fines himself as he was late getting to meeting as a greeter.
Club Business
Donna - Rotary Youth Exchange Program will be starting the process of choosing a Camrose student to be their Outbound Exchange for the year 2018-2019.  Presentations are made at the High School and at OLMP.  Brochures are handed out, posters are put up to publicize the Program.  Information Nights are               put on for parents and students wanting to know more and an application needs to be filled out if they want to a candidate for the program.  A committee reviews all applications and shortlists down to 3-4 candidates that they interview.  A nominee and a second are chosen and they go to District to be               interviewed.  The District officially appoints the student in January and that is when the student starts coming to our Rotary meetings until he/she leaves in the summer.
  • Most of the Committee members are willing to participate again but Donna wants to open it up to anyone who is interested in becoming part of the committee.
  • The busiest time is now until the first week of November.  It calms down until another two years when the process starts again but there is ongoing support for the student.
  • 3-4 Host families are also needed to host a student for 3 months.  It is a wonderful experience.  A wide variety of family structures is encouraging.  If host families aren't found then we can't go ahead with the program.
Roy - Foundation month is November.  We are trying to get as much Foundation dollars as we can as it goes towards maternal issues, clean water, and training for teachers.
  • DG comes November 13 to Camrose and we would like to have as many Paul Harris Awards given out at that time.
  • Roy will be sending out an update to everyone as it relates to where you're at in Paul Harris points.
  • He will have a full layout for what is planned for Foundation Month at the end of October.
  • We are a little bit over $40,000 with today's grant in collected funds.
  • Originally, we had stated we would collect between $35,000 - $70,0000 for a skills lab.  It didn't sit well with the committee and the Rotary club in Tanga that they couldn't get Global Grants.  
  • The Rotary club in Tanga spoke to their AMOTC, which is their University body, telling them since they are the main beneficiary, because we cant get global grants for "bricks and mortar", they should look for somewhere we could renovate so we could get the matching funds.
  • Ron Lett went down and they did find a place and now we are applying for a Foundation Global Grant.  Everyone is now on the same page on what is going to be done.
  • Tanzania does a lot of global grants, and they are thinking it will be about a month to get approved if all goes well.
  • Pictures of whats being done and where it is should be soon to share with the club and to give updates late October, early November.
      Next International Project
  • Results from the survey we did a few months back on where we would like to do an International project and where we could get Global grants, was overwhelmingly unanimous in the region of the Carribean.
  • Roy went down to Jamaica and scouted around.  He found a Children's Hospital that serves the western region of the Carribean.  
  • The hospital specializes in children from infancy to the age of twelve.  Children from the islands are flown there.
  • he spoke to the CEO, they are in need of incubators.
  • we can get global grants for that and the Canadian Government has a program(until next year) where they match funds for third world countries, which Jamaica is.
  • Roy is speaking with a few Rotary Clubs in Jamaica that we can partner with.
Lou - 
  • Motions - 1. M/S by Sheila Herle and Roy Wallace that the Rotary Club of Camrose donates $2000 to the District 5040 BC Wildfire Relief Fund - Passed
                          2. M/S by Sheila Herle and Kim Boyco that the Rotary Clubs of Camrose jointly sponsor a Wine Survivor raffle, with proceeds of up to $6000 to be shared equally between both clubs.  The proceeds will be targeted towards public image, community awareness, and membership recruitment.                                     - Passed
Appreciation - 
  • People who are watering the trees and doing things at the Rotary Peace Path and all who are involved in that.
  • Dan, Jenn, and Tina for representing Rotary at Registration Night.
  • Kim and Bethenny for helping to put together this wheelchair for this gentleman.
  • Don and Chris Rebus wish to thank the club members for the beautiful flowers and card of condolences on the passing of my mother. We appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers.


50/50 -  Jerome pulled the 9 of hearts.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, Sept. 25, 2017, Camrose Resort Casino
Speaker - Jeff Bonnar, Jumpstart Program