Jim Rasmussen gives a presentation on Polio and one of our Rotarians wins the Rotary Cares Raffle.
Meeting called to order at 11:45am with Lou Henderson chairing the meeting in Dan’s absence.
Health of the club is good.
Guest: Jeff Bonnar of Canadian Tire
Mikkel update
  • Played a lot of volleyball including a tournament in Red Deer.
  • Attended an Augustana soccer game with Jerome.
    Signup sheets are available for the Air Cadets bacon fundraiser.
    Battle River Community Foundation dinner is Oct. 21 and the honorees this year are Dwight and Bonnie Mauer.
    The District Fall Learning event is Oct. 21 & 22.  David, Lou and Dan will be in attendance.
    Vote on last week’s motion to transfer $7000 to the canoe trip and $1000 to the scholarship from the Battle River Community Foundation proceeds was passed with 100% voting Yes.
    Who’s Coming to Dinner sign up sheets are on the table.
    Presentation: Jim Rasmussen with a Polio Update
  • There are 3 types of the Polio virus
  • Type 2 has not been seen since 1999
  • Polio mainly affects kids under the age of 5 years
  • More risk in areas with sub-par hygiene
  • The virus affects the neurosystem and is transmitted by fecal and oral
  • 5-10% die from it and there is no cure
  • On a single day, Jan. 21, 2001, 150,000,000 children under the age of 5 years were vaccinated in India
  • Since 2000, 10 billion doses have been administered to children
  • Vaccine derived PV2 is another challenge and the World Health Organization recently announced that they will be eliminating the oral vaccine and going back to injection
  • The main challenges facing the elimination of polio are a nomadic lifestyle (missing vaccinations), vaccinators being killed in Pakistan and the perception of immunizers.
  • Lou has the 2017 Rotary Cares raffle tickets so make sure you get your tickets from her.
    Rotary Cares Raffle draw was made and our very own Rotarian Roger Maschke was the winner!
50/50 winner is Paul Pedersen who drew a Jack of Diamonds.
Upcoming Greeters:
Date                                                   Greeters
October 3                    Lou Henderson           Le Roy Johnson
October 10      X                      
October 17                  Maurice Francoeur    John McShane
October 24                  Grant Gillot               Jerome Stetar
October 31                  Ted Gillespie             Roger Maschke
November 7                Paul Pedersen            Jim Rasmussen
November 14              Jennifer Stone            Donald Rebus
November 21              Ray Hook                   Roy Wallace
November 28              Sheila Herle              Dan Olofson
December 5                Dawn Anderson          Calvin Skriver
December 12              Kim Boyco                 David Stolee
December 19              Grant Burgess                       Carman Mason
December 26  X                      
January 2         X