This week was our General Assembly.

President Dan opened the meeting at 11:46am.
Guests – none were in attendance.
Health of the Club – Good
Mikkel gave an update – He attended the Rotary Exchange Weekend in Hinton.  He met with other exchange students, had a Western Themed Dinner Saturday and went to the Hot springs on his way back to Camrose, which he had never done in Denmark.
100% vote Yes to pass the Budget as it stands.
Shirley Rostad put forth a motion to have Authorization to the Rotary Foundation for $7000 to be put toward The Rotary Canoe Trip.  Donna Phillips seconded it.
Anthony Hladun has agreed to be the Rotary Liaison for the Air cadets.  Next year will be the 60th Anniversary and will have Gala Event with Rotary having some participation in it.
The Air Cadets are hosting a Bacon Fundraiser, selling 11 lbs. of bacon for $60.
Battle River Community foundation is having their Gala October 21, 2016.
A reminder, District Fall Meeting is October 21 – 22, 2016.
Reveen will be at the Best Western Casino and Resort Friday, September 23.  Still looking for any volunteers.  It starts at 6 pm.
Lou Henderson has received the Raffle License and the Rotary Cares Draw Tickets should be here next week.
Lou has also started up 'Who's Coming to Dinner?' Social event.  Anyone interested in hosting or attending one should contact Lou for dates.  She already has 1 host lined up.
Club Update:
Rotary Foundation /Rotary International – Roy has received a $5000 grant for the Belize project.  He spoke to Ron Grue, who said he would be able to go between January and March of 2017.
Tanzania - Patches of work have been done here and there in the Tanzania Project until they can get the full funding.  Roy was of the understanding they would get a matching donation for every $5000 from Clubs.  Talking with Wayne Kaufmann, it was clarified that it would be only 1 - $5000 grant because it was only one project.
Roy has made up letters and is now approaching Clinics for a tax deductible Donation.  Roy also met with Ron Lett, and Ron, who lives in B.C., will approach clubs there
Youth Services – Dawn Anderson thanked Donna Phillips for doing all administration for the Youth Exchange
Mikkel, as our Exchange Student, must attend the District Conference October 21-22 and needs a ride, so if anyone is going and can take him please contact her.
Club Services – Tina Yarbrough is looking over the RI bylaws along with Donna Phillips, Ted Gillespie, Dan Macpherson and Lou Henderson. 
Member Services – Jen Stone spoke on the challenges of New and Existing Memberships.  She said its challenging in several ways: 1:  not everyone would make a good Rotarian 2: finding projects that inspire members and attract new ones 3: finding projects that are meaningful to people with different interests to stay motivated to get it done 4: doing things that entertain and get people excited to come to Rotary and 5: finding people that want to make a difference
50/50 Draw – Bonnie won and had Florence Blanchette pick the card.  Money still up for grabs as she picked the 9 of Clubs.
Meeting Adjourned at 12:59pm