Tony rang the bell on time at 11:45
Carmen lead us in the singing of O’Canada, and the Rotary Grace.
18 members were in attendance along with two guests.
Tony opened the meeting at 12:15.
  • Jim welcomed Jeff Bonnar, Assistance Manager of Canadian Tire and prospective member.
  • Tony welcomed Brian Match, our Guest Speaker who will be introduced more formally later in the meeting.
Paul reported that he doesn't know of anyone that is sick today.
Last Tuesday he went to his first Hockey Game, A Camrose Kodiak game...the Kodiaks won.
Wednesday he had a volleyball game in Wetaskiwin which he won.
On the weekend he went to Calgary to watch Gavin play some Triple A Baseball.
He then attended Dawn’s Brother in-law’s Birthday.
He also had a Volleyball tournament this weekend.
  • Next Monday meeting is Cancelled
  • Dawn needs people to confirm who will be coming to October 17th Evening Meeting.  The topic will be Medical Marijuana.
  • The Fall Rotary learning program will be October 21-22.  Anyone who wants to go should contact Dan.
Jenn and Leroy asked for Happy Bucks
  • Jim told us a story about his three year old grand daughter who came out of her room stark naked and said “I don’t have a thing to wear.”
  • Dawn was happy because Gavin was playing baseball this weekend.  He had been invited to play in an academy showcase tournament.  He played well and it was great for him to play with other skilled players.  Dawn was approached by a scout, who invited Gavin to play in Pennsylvania next year in a major tournament.
  • Sheila had a great weekend with family.
  • Tina hosted a dinner on Saturday for good friends.  The first time they were all in one place at one time.
  • Shirley made a quick trip to Kamloops, Kelowna and Okotoks to visit family and drink wine.
  • Leroy was scheduled to go to Detroit this morning, but his team didn’t get in the playoff’s so he didn’t go – that meant that he could come to this meeting.  He gave another happy buck for the Toronto Blue Jay’s who have another chance at the playoff’s.
Tony introduced Brian Match, who is a director of the primary care network in Vegreville.  He is a member of the Vegreville Rotary Club, and has a special interest in the Rotoract club there.
Brian has been a Rotarian for 7 years dating back to when his daughter went on an exchange trip to Slovakia.  He joined the Sherwood Park club at that time and then shifted to Vegreville when his employment shifted.
Brian has 8 children at home.  He has adopted 8 children age 3 to 16 all of whom have varying degrees of physical or mental disabilities.  He therefore gets involved in advocating for children.
He sits on a committee of parents who help advise government on how to provide funding to the various agencies and/or caregivers.
The reason Brian is here today is to explain the concept of natural supports for children.  This is not a replacement for government funded support but a way of integrating children with disabilities into the community. 
His children were all adopted as babies.  As they work their way through the school system, they start with great relationships.  As they get into higher grades, a child with Developmental disabilities becomes further and further removed from relationships with other students.  It can be a very lonely life to be a young person with developmental disabilities.  May times their only friends are their paid support workers.  Natural supports is about getting people from the community involved to identify, associate with, and have relationships with these people, creating a richness in the community.  The goal is to have the people with developmental disabilities become more a part of the community.
Brian’s group hope to bring in an expert to speak about Natural Supports in a location like Camrose to groups like schools, service clubs and various agencies.  The sessions would be recorded and then posted to you-tube and other media formats.  They hope that this will overcome the challenge of getting this information out to the people in more remote communities.
The government has not been very responsive.  Brian’s group are looking for a Rotary Club to assist with funding to put this project together and also to take on responsibility for the project.  Their initial estimate is that the cost would be approximately $3000.  The funds would be used primarily to create a webinar which could be shared on the internet.  The webinar would be accessible to all parents.
He asked if our Rotary Club would help both financially and with the origination and implementation of the project.
Brian works in Vegreville, which is in the North Region, but he lives in Tofield which is in a different region. The parent group which he is involved in sometimes meets in Camrose.  This is why he decided to come to Camrose and to our club to ask for assistance.
Brian answered a number of questions. 
  • A suggestion was made that they may want to ask a number of clubs to partner.
  • Brian confirmed he hoped that a club would take this on as a service project – as well as help with the funding.
Tony thanked Brian for speaking to us, and presented him with a certificate of thanks confirming that 50 polio vaccines had been funded on her behalf.
  • No meeting next week (October 10, 2016)
  • Contact Dawn to confirm if you are attending the Evening meeting October 17, 2016
 50/50 DRAW – now worth $24.00
Roger won the draw - but pulled the 6 of clubs. 
Roger lead us in the four way test.  
The meeting was closed at 12:52