Dr. Ray Muzyka speaking on Entrepreneurial Leadership.
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Many guests in attendance to hear Dr. Ray Muzyka speak.  Dan played a short “What is Rotary” video for all our new attendees.
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Speaker – Dr. Ray Muzyka
Entrepreneurial Leadership – Lessons Learned as a Medical Doctor, Tech Entrepreneur and Impact Investor
Dr. Muzyka studied to be a medical doctor and practiced for a few years.  He started Bioware (a video game entertainment company) in 1995.  He and his partner didn’t receive any pay from the company for the first 5 years and it wasn’t until 2005 that they received their first external capital investment.  Bioware was sold to Electronic Arts in 2008 and Dr. Muzyka retired from the company in 2012.
He has now entered the next chapter in his career – angel/impact investing through his company Threshold Impact.  It is his belief that companies that provide products or services that impact society in a positive and meaningful way can still be profitable and good investments (social entrepreneurship).
Key points:
  1. Technology is a tool, but it doesn’t replace leadership.
  2. Leadership begins with defining your core values.  Define your social goals as well as your financial and business goals.  Quality and details are key.
  3. Always remember your key stakeholders – consumers, employees and shareholders.
  4. Always have a clear, passionate vision.
  5. The culture of a company comes from aligning your systems, structures and people.
  6. Quality/scope for a project is only as good as the Resources/Time applied to support it.
  7. Like you check the oil on your vehicle, check the oil on your team regularly and go deep.  However, don’t micro-manage.  Trust yet verify.
  8. Books to read – “Good to Great”, “Lean Analytics”, “Drive”, “Peopleware”, “Positioning” and “Resonate”
  9. Good communication with employees is very important.  It’s hard to be direct yet respectful but you can’t ignore it just because it’s hard.
  10. Be persistent in the face of adversity, don’t give up.  Make sure your say/do ratio is good (What you say you are going to do vs What you actually do)
  11. In the area of financing, be careful how you raise money.  Do your due diligence and make sure that deal terms are right for you.  Pay close attention to intellectual property ownership and patents.
    Dr. Muzyka closed by announcing a $10,000 donation to our Rotary Tanzania project!
    Winner of the 50/50 draw was Ted Gillespie and he drew the 6 of Hearts.
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