Joint meeting with the Daybreak Rotary Club and presentation by Grant Gillott on medical marijuana.
Opening of the Joint Rotary Meeting.
Dan opened the meeting at 6:00pm.
  • Carman lead us in the singing of O Canada and Rotary Grace
  • Anyone who purchased Bacon, needs to pick it up as soon as possible from the Casino
  • The wheel chairs are being shipped.  We will need volunteers to repair them and get them ready for shipping.  There will be announcement when we know the dates.
  • The club received thank you letters from:
    • The Stollery Children’s Hospital and Neighbour Aid regarding our donations. $747.84 was directly from our club, and another $4,050 was from us, but was filtered through the Rotary District Foundation...all proceeds from Stop Hunger Now.
    • Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation – We made a $1,000 donation in the last year following a presentation which included Brett Denham's daughter who has received great care from the SCH. The donation helped complete the $500,000 pediatric operating room and redevelopment.
  • Next Monday is World Polio Day.
  • There are still a few openings for Guess Who is Coming to Dinner Nov 4th – talk to Lou Henderson.
  • Cares Lottery Tickets are available from Jenn Stone.  Please contact her to get your tickets.  If you have sold tickets, please bring them in with payment as you sell them.  (Don’t wait to have your entire book sold).
Dawn’s Announcements.
  • Dawn asked that people please let her know ahead, if they will be coming to the evening meetings.  Because it is a sit-down meeting, knowing the number of people is critical.  The Casino is doing the meals at or below cost, so they can’t afford to make a bunch of meals just in case people show up.
  • She said that the answer is not that we want fewer people.  We want as many people as possible; she just needs to know the day before, how many people are coming.  She said it is much better to say you are coming and then cancel if you can’t; than to not commit, and then show up - or give notice at the last minute that you are coming.  She asks for everyone’s cooperation on this important issue.
Meal Theme – Healing Herbs
Since the speaker will be talking about the purported benefits of Medical Marijuana, her chef suggested a meal featuring herbs that have been traditionally used for their properties to heal, promote good health, or cure disease.
Salad – Caprese Salad – Boconcinni Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Basil, Bastamic Drizzle
  • Basil is a medicinal herb that can help with flatulence, lack of appetite, cuts and scrapes. 
Main Course – Turmeric Rubbed Breast of Chicken stuffed with Mozza Cheese, Sage and wrapped with Parma Ham.  It is served with Rosemary Duchess, Broccoli and Carrots, and finished with a Thyme Infused Cream.
  • Turmeric is said to have many healing properties.  It can help if you suffer from aches & discomforts, stiff joints, ulcers, or have unbalanced blood sugar.
  • Thyme.  The active principle in thyme is Thymol, which is a strong antiseptic.  If you suffer from coughs, congestion, indigestion or gas, this medicinal herb may help.
  • Sage.  Sage’s genus name, Salvia, means “to heat”, reflecting its early use as a medicinal, not culinary herb.  It can help provide relief for mouth and throat inflammations.
  • Rosemary is another medicinal herb that helps with memory and concentration.  It can also improve one’s mood and sweeten breath.
Dessert -  Chamomile infused Crème Brulee
  • Chamomile.  Use the flower heads of this medicinal herb for infusions and salves to relieve indigestion and colic, anxiety and tension, and skin inflammations and irritations.
Happy Buck Highlights
  • Odell had a nice trip to Newfoundland – caught a huge 6” Cod
  • Ken told us about his six-month trip to Ontario.  All of his kids and grand children visited, and he also had some unexpected visitors.  They took a side trip to Greenland and Labrador.  He was also happy that they came home the day after the snow.
  • Destiny announced that they are in the process of creating a Rotaract club in Camrose.  She asked everyone to inform anyone who might be interested that there will be a forum at AUC on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.  Rotaract targets members whose ages are between 18 to 30.  Please contact Destiny at the daybreak club for the time.
  • Sheila enjoyed the “Frolic in France” last Friday at the Casino – it was fantastic.  It was a fun night.  She also gets into her new house on Wednesday.
  • Leroy – happy to say a few words about the poster on the table about Dr. Ray Muzyka – who will be presenting at the meeting Monday, Oct 24, 2016.
  • Jenn Stone – Vikings update – women’s soccer team went to Ft. McMurray.  They had to play on a frozen field, but at least there wasn’t snow the first day.  The girls won 3-0.  Second game was played in snow.  Girls tied.  Home safe and sound on the bus.
  • Harry Gaede was happy.  His wife is in France, so he visited his daughter and grand children.  He just got back from Vancouver.  He missed the snow, but got Rain and Wind.
  • Donna – thanked Jerome and Pat for a wonderful dinner.  And yay Riders for winning the last few games.
  • Ray Hook enjoyed his driving holiday (No moose strikes), Three days with Ken and Marnie, and several days with other friends.  15 man canoe trip on the Rideau Canal.  Then weekend with daughter and son in law.  Great trip – 5 weeks, a lot of driving and a lot of fun.
  • Elaine, got to attend a 46-year reunion of her nursing class while on their trip.  She said she also got to try out the medical system in Ontario – it was very good.
  • Dan – wonderful two weeks with wife through Eastern Canada.  Caught up with friends.  Thanks for his wife putting up with him for 5000km.
  • Jim - 92 years ago today the Privy Council decided women were persons.
  • Bonny is happy for the safe arrival of her second grand daughter, and the announcements that two more are on the way.
  • Dawn – Frolic in France went very well.  She is looking forward to the next one at the end of January.  Her son has been invited to a high level baseball tournament next August.  As of today, Dawn has the official permission of his father to take him - so she will be in Baltimore next summer.  He was named the peewee Ball player of the year for Alberta.  He also had his first shutout of the season this week with his hockey team.
Mikkel Update.
  • Went to United Church to put windows in the camp, but the windows weren’t cut out.  He went to Fort Mac for Thanksgiving.  Really good food.  His first Thanksgiving ever.
  • His team won the last two Volleyball games.  If they win two more, they will be zone champs.
  • This week he went to the Augustana VB games on Friday.
  • Yesterday went to the Guess Who is Coming to Dinner.
Dan reminded everyone that they can invite Mikkel over for dinner or any other activities.
Guest Speaker, Grant Gillott
Dan introduced Grant Gillott, who lives in New Norway with his wife and five children.  Grant is a partner in HtKa Group, which is a company that plans to grow medicinal marijuana under license from Heath Canada.
The Company is nearing the end of a three-year application process.  Their intent is to construct a facility near Camrose and begin producing medicinal marijuana.  If the government legalizes marijuana then they see substantial opportunities for growth.
Grant gave a very technical presentation describing the benefits of medical marijuana and how it can control pain and relieve anxiety.  He explained that the chemical compounds within a particular product can be manipulated to provide different benefits and experiences to the user.
At the end of his presentation, Dave, from the Daybreak club, described his experience as he uses medical marijuana daily to control pain.  This has been very successful for him.
Dan thanked Grant for his presentation.
Next Joint Meeting
The next “joint” meeting will be the second Monday in November, the 14th
Carol will host the meeting.  The topic will be Camrose Hospices.
Please let Dawn know well in advance of your attendance.
Next Camrose Rotary Meeting
Monday, October 24, 2016 – 11:45 at the Best Western Rotary Casino.
  • The speaker will be Dr.  Ray Muzyka.
  • The  greeters are Grant and Jerome
50/50 -  Destiny won the 50/50 with a value of $29.00
(It has been decided that at the joint meetings, the 50/50 prize will be given away at the meeting, based on the funds collected at that meeting.  The 50/50 pot will continue to build at the noon meetings.)
Destiny lead the group in the 4 Way Test.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm