New member Jeff Bonnor!
Meeting called to order at 11:50am.
Dan played a Rotary Foundation video during lunch.
Saturday, December 3rd is a Christmas Cheer event at the Roberts’ house, 4410 – 52 St.  More info is coming.
November 22nd is the next executive meeting at the Casino at 5:15pm.
Rotary Cares Raffle ticket sales are going well.
November 14th evening meeting signup sheet is on the tables.
Health of the club is good.
Sunday, January 22nd is the Rotary Oil Kings night and Dawn has the info and sign up sheet.
Jeff Bonnor was inducted as a Rotary Member.  Welcome Jeff!
During the Happy Bucks time, Donna Phillips announced that her son Matt’s restaurant in Edmonton is officially open.  Congratulations!  The restaurant is called Northern Chicken and it is a fried chicken and southern comfort food restaurant.  If you’re in Edmonton, it’s located at 124 St. & 107 Ave. (corner beside where the Roxy used to be).  Check it out!
Presentation – Sedartha on Culture, Ecology and Sustainability in India
  • Sedartha was the guest speaker at the Sahakarini Loaves and Fishes dinner
  • He lives in south India in a “small town” of 10 million
  • He works with India’s first nation people and Women Empowerment Programs
  • His organization promotes the growth of Millets in India because they offer high nutrition and require less water than standard crops.  The main challenge is that farmers can make more money growing other types of crops.
  • He also works to lessen the tensions between the Hindu and Muslim factions in India.
    Vote was taken on the motion to fix the budget mistake in the Youth Exchange line.  Budget line was to be increased by $3075.  Motion was passed unanimously.
    50/50 draw winner was Jennifer Stone and she drew the 5 of Spades.
    Upcoming Greeters:
    Date                                                   Greeters
    November 14              Jennifer Stone            Donald Rebus
    November 21              Ray Hook                   Roy Wallace
    November 28              Sheila Herle              Dan Olofson
    December 5                Dawn Anderson          Calvin Skriver
    December 12              Kim Boyco                 David Stolee
    December 19              Grant Burgess                       Carman Mason
    December 26  X                      
January 2         X