Dan called the meeting to order at 11:45.
Christmas at the Roberts’ this Saturday from 7:30 on.  Come when you like.  Please bring a bottle or two of home-made or purchased wine, or food to share (sweet or savory).
Rotary Care's Lottery.  
  • Lou has 50 tickets that have not been given out yet, so if you think you can sell any, please contact Lou.  
  • Please also return any ticket stubs with the funds to Lou as you sell them.
  • About the project:
    • Every Year we sell 300 tickets for $100 each.  
    • A draw is done every month for $1000.  Tickets are returned so they could be drawn again.
    • The money raised is used for the Commitments to the Air and Army cadets.
    • Lou asked us to please get out there and sell tickets.
Rotary Foundation – Roy spoke about the foundation.
  • November is our Foundation month.
  • The foundation supports many programs locally and around the world.
  • More information is available here:  https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/rotary-foundation
  • Next week, Wayne Kauffman, Chair of District 5370 Rotary Foundation will be speaking to us about the foundation and the giving.
  • First time contributions by members will be matched by the club up to $200.
  • This year, our Tanzania Project will be partially funded by the Foundation.  (We currently have about $45,000 committed – including matching grants.
  • Roy thanked Ken Roberts for helping with the phone calls.
  • We received a letter of thanks for our support of the school breakfast program
  • We received $3,500 from the Rotary Foundation for the ongoing project in Belize.
December 12 is the evening meeting/Christmas Message with the morning club.  
  • Please RSVP if you are going to attend.
  • Please bring either a cash donation for the Christmas Cheer program, or a non-perishable food item for the food bank.  The Christmas Cheer group put together hampers and distribute them along with toys which are donated by the Kinettes.  There was a general feeling that cash donations to the Christmas Cheer fund would be the most efficient and fair way to distribute good-will to the community.
Annual General Meeting
  • Dan gave notice that our AGM will be on the 19th of December - our last meeting of the year.
  • If anyone is interested in serving as president or as a director, please contact Tony.
Small and Frequent Project Committee: 
Sheila was at a conference in Yellowknife. They do a monthly community activity.  Sheila would like our club to do more and smaller activities.  She is looking for two or three people to join an informal committee to research the idea.  If you are interested, please let her know.  She is offering wine and munchies....  Men are also welcome.
Health of Club.  Paul reported that members in good health, but Ray Hook’s wife, Elaine, had a collapsed lung and is in Edmonton with Ray.
Ashley White
During the meeting we watched a slide show of photos that Ashley had sent the club of her exchange visit to Austria.
Check out her Blog at: storiesvonaustria.blogspot.ca
Check out her Facebook Page at:  https://www.facebook.com/ashley.white.3942?fref=ts
Mikkel's Report.
  • Tuesday he moved to Donna's for a few weeks while Jerome and his wife are away.
  • Mikkel helped with the provincial volleyball tournament at CCHS this weekend.
  • He had a trip to Edmonton to watch Gavin play a hockey game and then watched Gavin receive the player of the year award.
  • Yesterday he watched the Grey Cup - which was a great game.
Guest Speaker
Ray Hook was going to be the guest speaker, but is away.   Dan is looking for ideas for the Live Auction items for our Gala, so he suggested that instead of a speaker, we brainstorm to find ideas.  
Each table spent the next 15 minutes discussing ideas for the Gala and the Live and Silent Auctions.
If anyone has ideas, please email them to Dan.
Rotary Cares Lottery
Lou spun the drum and then her daughter drew a ticket.  The Winner was ticket number 49, sold by Sheila to Doug Fleck.  Sheila said she will enjoy giving him the good news and then asking him to purchase another ticket.
The pot is at $125.  Carmen won the draw, but pulled the 2 of Hearts.