This week we hear from Travis Bouck with Prairie Sky UAV, speaking to our members about the use of drones in the region.
Rotary Meeting minutes for 11/23/15
Meeting called to order at 11:46am
Guests: Ken Rostad and guest speaker Travis Bouck.
Rotary Gala meeting on Thursday, November 26th at noon in the Casino.
AGM is at the end of the year – nominations for executive should be given to David Samm.
Beginning in January, the 2nd Monday of each month, the meeting will be an evening meeting.
Executive has decided that the meeting non-attendance fee will be eliminated.
At the executive meeting it was decided to eliminate the reserve fund for conference attendance from the financial statements.
Roy has sent out Rotary Foundation contribution reports to all members.
Meeting with the Wetaskiwin Rotary Club went well.  They are still a small club, but great fundraising abilities.
Guest Speaker – Travis Bouck with Prairie Sky UAV (drones)
  • Prairie Sky provides sales and service of UAV’s as well as services for aerial surveying, photogrammetry and Ag. mapping)
  • Many consumer models available such as the DJI Phantom III.  UAV’s are becoming much more popular (2 million sold globally in 2014, 2 million expected to be sold in the US alone this Christmas)
  • 2 distinct models: Fixed wing with a propeller in the back (hand or catapult launch) and the Multi-Rotor which can hover and perform a vertical take off and land.
  • Three components to a UAV: Craft itself (payload, weight, gimbel, redundancy, safety features, auto pilot, first person view & GPS); Sensor (infrared, multi-spectral, video camera and hi-def camera); Software/Data.
  • Many commercial applications: Aerial photography, Golf hole fly-bys, Movie production, Police (accident recreations), SOS, Search & rescue, Mobile defibrillator, Farming, Surveying, Open pit mining and checking large structures like windmills.
  • In the future, UAV’s may be used for package deliveries (Amazon) and Google/Facebook are researching providing internet service in very remote areas.
  • In the farming field, drone images are instantaneous whereas satellite images may be 2-3 weeks old.
  • The concerns regarding UAV’s are: UAV’s flying into commercial air space and being hit by an aircraft, UAV bounty hunters, privacy and UAV crashes into populated areas.
  • Transport Canada regulates UAV’s.  There are different regulations for personal vs commercial uses and there are special operator certificates that can be granted for special circumstances in the commercial space.
The winner of the 50/50 draw was Ken Drever and he chose the 4 of Hearts.
Next Meeting - Monday, November 30th at 1145 am in the Regal II ballroom of the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino.
Greeters - Roger M and Dan M (replacement to be found)
Presentation - TBA

Guest Speaker -