Opening of the Joint Rotary Meeting at 6:00pm.
Carol started the meeting with a short video -  40 Acts of Compassion
  • David Taylor – Presented the club with Banners which he had received from several of the clubs that he visited during his friendship exchange to Belgium.
  • Paige – the Canadian Mental Health Association is doing a 50/50.  Contact her if you would like tickets.
  • Paige - Rotaract – another meeting tomorrow.  Personal Playlist project – develop playlists onto personal devices for persons with brain disease.  Tuesday at 7:00pm at the Augustana Forum.
  • Paul generously donated a ticket to “Jake’s Gift” for anyone who would like to attend.
  • KidSport is in dire straights with the economic downturn and the number of families that need support.  They have raffle tickets available.  They also have four spots left for volunteers to sell 50/50 tickets at an Oilers game. 
  • Dan – Executive meeting next Tuesday at 5:15 in the Board Room at Central Agencies
  • Anyone who has not picked up their Rotary Cares Lottery ticket, please contact Lou.
Mikkel Update.
  • Wednesday last week they won their volleyball zone championship.
  • Sunday, he went to the Eskimo/Toronto game.  He said it was a very cool experience.
  • Then he went to a Kodiaks game with an exchange student from Edmonton.
  • Currently he is trying out for one of the high school basketball team.
  • This week he has been in Edmonton, and bought a birthday present for himself.  He said he will be surprised when he opens it.
  • He spent a night with an Argentinian friend.
  • He visited Princess Auto – but he still prefers Canadian Tire.
Dan reminded everyone that they can invite Mikkel over for dinner or any other activities.
Guest Speaker
Carol introduced Stacey Strilchuk, who is the Chair Person of the Hospice Society of Camrose and District.  She is also the director of the Camrose Primary Care and a former exchange student from the Monday Club.
Stacey described the Hospice Society of Camrose and District.  She said we need a Hospice Home Conversation. 
The Society has been a registered charity since in November 2011.
It’s Vision:  To provide compassionate holistic care to those who are dying and to their loved ones.
It’s Mission:  To enable our community to support those facing advanced illness, death and bereavement with dignity through education and compassionate care.
HSCD is a grassroots organization directed by a volunteer board.  They have some vacancies, and are always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested, please contact Stacey.
Only 10% of people die suddenly, most die over weeks, months or years, yet only 16-30% of Canadians have access to formal care and support appropriate to their needs.
Most are cancer patients.  There is a tremendous gap to fill in providing services and support for people who need care for advanced chronic illness.
There is a full journey that needs to be taken care.  Not only for the patient, but also the family.
HSCD seeks to ensure:
  • Equitable access to high quality care and support.
  • Patient-centred care approach
  • Family cannot be forgotten - compassion/fatigue component.
  • Making sure that all have access to the right support at the right time.
Past, Present and Future Activities.
  • Hike for Hospice
  • Lights to Remember Champaign
  • Being with Dying – Volunteer Training Program
  • Being with Dying: Care, Communication & Compassion Conference 2015
  • Grief and Bereavement Program (New for 2016)
  • Ongoing collaboration with community stakeholders (fundraising opportunities).
The society has recruited a Grief and Bereavement coordinator, Bill Harder.  He can assist with people who have lost someone in the hospital, but then don’t know where to go.  They now have a grief and walk program.  Once a week, people get together to go for a walk and talk about grief.
The dream of the society is to construct a Hospice Home (Free standing Hospice).  A home for people who wish to die in this compassionate, quite, friendly home. 
There are many examples in other provinces and in other communities within Alberta.  There are good models to replicate.
Examples in Alberta include Red Deer and Foothills Country Hospice in Okotoks.
The HSCD Hospice Home will be a home-like country setting, located in or near Camrose.  It will initially have six patient beds with all rooms designed as suites to accommodate patients and their families at little to no cost.  The focus is to support the person and their family/loved ones in the comfort of a home-like atmosphere which includes their own personal room as well as access to a kitchen, common room, quiet room and outside space.
Who will help?
  • There is a palliative and end of life care community (PEOLC) Community.
    • Covenant Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, Alberta Health, Bethany, PCN, Patient and Family Advocates, and many others.
    • Co-Chairs are Dr. Letley and Colleen McKinstry.
  • PEOLC will be the advisory group for Hospice Home.
Who will help with care?
  • Care involves expert pain and symptom management.
  • Must work as partners with various organizations.
  • In Camrose there are many resources including home care and supportive living.   All can play a part.
  • The appropriate staffing model will be developed collaboratively with PEOLC.
Grief and Bereavement Support Programming is in place.  If you need it, please contact PCN and/or Bill Harder.
The Fun Part.
  • Success will depend on generosity of people
  • Since starting in 2011, they have received support from many individuals, corporations, charitable organizations, government agencies and service clubs.
  • The Society wants and needs Rotary to support Hospice – to move it forward into the community.
  • It is directly applicable to the 4-way test.
How Do You Help
  • In your own name
  • A gift in memory of a friend or loved one.
  • Special “in honour of” gift
  • Endowment gift
  • Virtual gift for the person who seems to have everything.
They are also looking for corporate partnerships.
  • Sponsor a room, sponsor the landscaping etc.
  • Nominate Hospice home to be your charity of the year, or sponsor an event.
  • Reception/Administration
  • Direct patient support
  • Sharing music, arts or crafts
  • Pet visits
  • Baking and assisting in kitchen
  • Gardening and landscaping
Stacey suggested that this would be an excellent project for Rotary to take on as it meets all of the requirements of the Four Way Test.
  • Operational costs will probably be around $300/day.
  • They estimate the cost to build will be  2.5-3M
  • They don’t yet have operating/sustainability costs.
  • They are looking for a 2.5 to 3 acre site in or around Camrose
Carol thanked Stacey for her presentation and presented her with a certificate confirming that 50 children had been given vaccinations against polio.
Next Joint Meeting
December 12, 2016 – Best Western Camrose Resort Casino – 6:00pm.
Please let Dawn know well in advance of your attendance.
Next Camrose Rotary Meeting
Monday, November 21, 2016 – 11:45 at the Best Western Rotary Casino.
  • The  greeters are Ray Hock and Roy Wallace
50/50 -  Tina won the 50/50 which was worth about $20
(It has been decided that at the joint meetings, the 50/50 prize will be given away at the meeting, based on the funds collected at that meeting.  The 50/50 pot will continue to build at the noon meetings.)
Tina lead the group in the 4 Way Test.
Carol adjourned at 8:10pm