As a Club Assembly, members were brought up to date on several avenues and club activities, including an update from the International Committee by Roy Wallace.
2018-02- 26 Rotary Buzz – Club Assembly
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am. 

Health of the Club – Roy Fearon is home from hospital, but Paul has been unable to
contact him, so the state of his health currently is unknown.
Our 2 Rotary Clubs celebrated Rotary Day on Feb. 23 with a fun evening at the
Camrose Virtual Golf centre. There were games of mini-golf and Texas Scramble,
accompanied by pizza and refreshments. We had displays showcasing Rotary in
Camrose. The event was fairly well attended, but sadly the Noon Club was not well
represented. 50/50 proceeds of $103 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.
Gala Update - Lou will be getting the 50/50 license and coordinating volunteers
David Taylor will be doing the wine sales
Dan will do the Live Auction.  He already has 2-3 items already and the ask is 5.  He is also lining up the auctioneer.
Dawn is coordinating the Silent Auction and has about 40 items already. Dawn emailed Club members letters to request silent auction donations. Please let Dawn know which businesses you plan to contact for prizes. If you are thinking of approaching a business that you have not contacted in prior years please run it past Dawn first so we don’t overlap.
No Bingo planned for this year’s Gala, but potentially some other fun activity instead
Please start lining up your guests and get your tickets from Dawn or Dan.
Rotary has a booth at the Camrose Home and Garden Show March 9-11.  Volunteers will be needed for shifts on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Dan will organize a volunteer sign up.

Rotary Casino was Feb. 16-17.  Kim reports that all went smoothly. We will know our proceeds in a few months after the pooling period is complete.

Spring District Learning is April 6-7 at the Chateau Louis, Edmonton. Lou. Ray and Ted attending so far. All are welcome.
Lou and Dan will attend the UA Augustana Awards Night on Tuesday to present our Club’s Scholarships. The $1,000 Rotary Scholarship recipient is Dami Lawal from Strathmore, a 4 th year BSc student. The $500 Dr. Dunbar Award goes to Carson Hvenegaard of Camrose, a 2 nd year BSc student.

Feature Presentation:
Roy Wallace provided an update on the Tanzania International Project. Renovation of the space for the Skills Lab in Tanga is almost ready to get underway. We have partnered with the Rotary Club of Tanga, who are in the process of applying for a global grant. Once all the funding is in place, there will be $84,000USD raised for the project. Renovation costs are expected to be $51,000 so funds will be available to Train the Trainer and other enhancements to the original scope of the project. Roy also made a presentation about our next potential International Project, which is to purchase incubators for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. The committee is requesting approval to commit $10,000 in each of 2017/18 and 2018/19 to this project. If we decide to proceed, then efforts to find other donors, partners and grant options will be pursued. A Notice of Motion has been made and will be voted on next meeting.

Rotary Cares: February’s winner is Pat Carlson of Camrose, ticket #062 sold by Tim Vant 50/50 - $587(?) Paul Pedersen drew the 3 of Spades. Only a handful of cards left—the suspense mounts!!
Thank you to:
Kim and all Casino volunteers
Tina, Jenn, Dan and Daybreak folks for planning and hosting the Rotary Day Celebration
Roy, David, LeRoy, Kim for ongoing work on International Projects
Dawn for driving to the Rotary Oil Kings game and organizing the ticket sales
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Next meeting - Noon Meeting, March 5, 2018, 11:45 am.
Chief of Police Mark Neufeld
Topic – update from Camrose City Police Department