Roy Wallace presented Paul Harris Fellowship pins for ongoing contributions to the foundation to Lou Henderson and Dan Macpherson last week.

Rotary Club of Camrose

May 28, 2018 – General Meeting

President Lou opened the meeting at 1210pm

Guests - Emily Gilroy – visiting from the University of Lethbridge – was one of the founding members of the Interact Club of Camrose in 2010.

Health of the Club – Paul reported that Roy Ferion is now residing at Providence Place in Daysland, room 217. Visitors are encouraged.



-Rotary Gala saw a profit of approximately $30,000

-Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak Rib Tickler is this Thursday, June 7th

-June 8 is Senior's Day – celebrations from 10 to 330pm


Update on Tree Planting – Shirley Rostad – INFORMATION UPDATED FROM WEEKEND EMAILS


The parks department now has the holes dug for our trees and we are ready to plant. Thanks to Canadian Tire for securing great trees again this year – Mountain Pine, White Spruce and Larch.

Based on the weather,  my availability and the informal poll at Monday's meeting, I have chosen Monday June 4th as planting day.  The weather forecast is for a high of 19 and a few showers in the afternoon. If that is completely off and we have heavy rains we will try again for Tuesday.

Here are the volunteers we need and the times needed:

Dave and truck - Maurice and truck - Still need helpers to assist in lifting the trees into place

At 9:30 am we need two trucks and at least 2 people per truck who can lift the trees out of the truck at their new home along the Rotary Peace Path. I think each truck will have to make two trips and I expect to have the job complete before 11:30 so we can get to our meeting and hear about the Mirror Lake bridge reconstruction.


Equipment needed - 2 trucks and work/garden gloves.


Kim - Carmen - Still need more help and wheelbarrows

At 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm we need people to plant the trees, work in the bone meal and compost, and top with mulch.  

Equipment needed - work/garden gloves, spades, rakes, wheel barrels.

Sheila - 
Dawn - Gavin - Still need more help and wheelbarrows

At 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm we again need people to plant the remaining trees.


Equipment needed - as above.


 Jerome driving truck - Dan will run the hose

At 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm we need someone to drive the water truck and fill the tank with water and someone to water the trees.  I'm hoping Jerome is available to drive the truck.

Equipment needed -  Thanks to Ron for use of his truck and to Kim for the water tank.

Please let me know the times and jobs you are able to help with and the equipment you are able to bring. That information will enable me to plan how many trees we should plant in the afternoon. 

Thanks for your help on this project.  I'm excited to see the end product.



PS Rotary Peace Path is down the hill from the Stoney Creek Centre located at the east end of 39 Avenue off Parkview Drive.

Air and Army Cadet – annual review/parades

-Army Cadets – 930am Saturday, June 9th

-Air Cadets – 630pm Thursday, June 14

Members are invited to be part of these reviews and show support for our sponsorship.


Membership Renewals are due by July 1, 2018.


Rotary Cares raffle winner for May – Ticket #260 – Brent Strylchuk


NOTICE OF MOTION - Wheelchairs to Mexico – budget overrun – because of a higher than expected transportation costs for the wheelchairs and associated medical supplies, the following motion was brought forward:

That the Rotary Club of Camrose pay the $4749 over-expenditure for shipping wheelchairs to Mexico.
It was also noted that the additional costs came from the additional items sent to Mexico that were not specifically wheelchairs. As a result, only wheelchairs will be considered for future shipments to Mexico.

Special Resolution – June 25th

Notice that we will be having a vote regarding changes to our Bylaws, as required under the Society's Act. This is regarding the need for either two members of the Rotary Club of Camrose or an external individual to audit our finances on an annual basis.


Foundation update – Roy Wallace

-Roy presented two Paul Harris Fellowship pins – Lou Henderson +8 and Dan Macpherson +2


-Tanga (Tanzania) Project update – seeking $40,000 Rotary International grant this year

-Jamaica incubator project - $50,000 project and looking for a grant. Roy also has an opportunity to secure and donate hi-end hospital beds for the hospital in Jamaica as well. His goal is for this donation to be at no cost to the club, and it is possible through Roy's connection in Jamaica to have the beds clear customs with no charges.


Roy also updated the club on our support of the Foundation (see images below.)



Stony Creek Park update – Carman Mason

-we will be working on the new picnic area in the park redevelopment

-the playground area has started and grading the area is complete

-the picnic/gazebo will be down the hill, by the fence

-to include signage with history of the park area and skiing history


Thank you to everyone who came out for park clean up on May 17th.


50/50 draw – Jenn Stone pulled the Ace of Clubs, so the $724 pot grows!


Next week's speaker – Jeremy Enarson from the City of Camrose – update on 48 Ave bridge reconstruction.


Greeters are Roy Wallace and Don Rebus