This week was our Club Assembly, and heard from a number of committee updates, including Communications, Club Service, Foundation and the recent Friendship Exchange update by Ray Hook.
The Buzz – May 30, 2016 By Ray Hook
1. President Tony called the meeting to order at 11:45 AM at the Best Western Banquet Room
In Dan’s absence, the Club was pleased to welcome back it’s featured soloist Carman M to
lead us in singing O Canada!

2. Guests There were no guests in attendance today.

3. Health of the Club – Carman M rose to say that he was glad to be back after 38 daily trips to
Edmonton for his treatment. He was roundly welcomed back by all.

a. President Tony reported that at a recent Executive meeting, they are recommending a
donation of $2000 to The Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation “Fort McMurray Fire
Relief Fund”. This will serve as a Notice of Motion, and it was so moved by Donna P and
seconded by Dawn A, and the motion will be voted on at the next meeting. There was a
question about how the funds would be allocated, and Assistant Gov Ray H reported that the
Foundation will rely on an independent committee of Fort McMurray stakeholders (including
the Rotary clubs and the municipality) for advice on disbursal of the funds.

b. Tony spoke to the Club’s ability to award Paul Harris pins in recognition of great service to
one’s community and club, and today the outstanding efforts of one of our members was
recognized with such a presentation to Past President Dawn Anderson.
Dawn can always be relied on to help anyone with anything – from hands-on work to running special events,
Dawn has always been there for the Club and she is truly deserving of such recognition. A standing ovation greeted this presentation. Congratulations and thank you Dawn for your “Service above self”.
c. Foundation Chairperson Roy Wallace made the following presentations of their pins: Carman Mason PH+3; Donna P. PH; Jim R. PH+7; Lou H.
PH+3. Congratulations to all and thank you for your support to the Rotary

d. Dan M spoke to the Gala – the wrap-up meeting will be at the Best Western at noon on
. Anyone interested in making next year’s gala, please bring your ideas and
recommendations. Don’t forget to pick up your Gala Thank You letters for Auction
donors from Dan asap and see that they are delivered – preferably personally before

e. Dan advised members of the Air Cadet Sqn parade on June 9 th at 7 PM at the Community
Centre. Please see if you can attend, and of the Air Cadet raffle draw – you may buy tickets

f. Dan advised the club of some new appointments for his year in office – as he is stepping
down as Communications Director, Roger will be assuming the position. Dan thanked Ray
for his eight years of doing the Buzz, and announced that Tina Y will take his place. She
and Roger are looking for a third member of this Buzz Committee to spread out the
work. As Dan pointed out, our club is a leader in the District for such an initiative, and as
members have indicated that they want the BUZZ to stay, then we need another member
to step up and help keep this going!

g. Tony advised the Club that Tyler Weber is stepping down as Youth Services Director, but
that dawn A will take that portfolio over. As well, the Club Services Director position is
vacant, so we are looking for a volunteer for this position. On a more positive note, Tony
announced that our President Elect for 2017-18 is Lou Henderson. Thank you Lou!!

5. Judge/Greeter Tony called on Lou to ask for Happy Bucks, and there were many. David S,
Paul P, David T, Ken R, Carman, Donna P, Sheila H, Dan M, Ted G, Dawn A, Roy F, Kim B
(Congrats Gramma!), Jim R, and Ray H. Most were happy for the recent RFE (Rotary Friendship
Exchange), recent rain, and family.

6. Guest Speaker – as this was a Club Assembly, there was no guest speaker, but Ray H gave a
short report on the just finished RFE with our Australian guests. It was an incredible experience
round, and Ray encouraged members to consider applying for such an exchange in the future. A
wonderful time, and the best way to see different countries and cultures, and meet great people
too. Ray had a list of “Thank Yous” to give, starting with the Club, and including:
Norm M for helping arrange the city’s HandiVan bus for the tour of Camrose;
Dawn A for arranging an impressive buffet for the combined meeting;
Dan M for inspiring music and video versions of both National Anthems;
David Samm for a Protocol gift pack for our visit to Maskwacis and Elder Roy Littlechild;
Elaine Hook for catering a fabulous lunch in Ferintosh after canoeing;
Leroy J for organizing our day’s visit to Maskwacis;
Dan O for his tour guide duties at the Old Bailey and the Four Seasons Park;
John and Lesley Stoddart of Daybreak Rotary for committee work and hosting;
David T for organizing day at Ukrainian Village and for hosting;
Vivianne G for stepping in at short notice to host Joan and Noreida THANK YOU!!;
Ted G for photographer duties, tour guide duties around Camrose and hosting; and
Donna P for co-chair, treasurer and hosting.
Ray then briefed the meeting on the unfortunate accident that our canoe instructor Sabrina
Andrews suffered while loading the canoes after taking our Australian visitors for a “learn to
on Little Beaver Lake. When a rope slipped off a bracket mounting on the truck, she fell off the
of the truck and broke both arms/wrists on the fall. Fortunately, no back, neck or head injuries, but
still quite serious. Ray did visit her in hospital (Camrose) on Saturday before she went home and
she was doing as well as can be expected. Ray will keep the Club informed.

Ted G has uploaded his photos to FLICKER for anyone interested in viewing them – go to

7. The monthly Rotary Cares draw was won by Jenn Stone - first time in a long while that a Club member won the draw!

8. The 50/50 Draw was won by Carman (welcome back again!), but he failed to draw the Ace!

9. The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 A.M.
Next Meeting is Monday, June 6th at 1145am at the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino.
Guest Speaker - report on the recent youth canoe trip.
Greeters - Grant Burgess and Don Rebus