This week we hear from Ray Hook and his recent European battlefield tour.
Rotary Meeting Minutes – 5/16/16
Meeting called to order at 11:45am
Guests: Elaine Hook, Vivianne Grue and Grant Gillette
Health of the Club is all good.
Executive meeting is at 5:15pm on Tuesday.
Park clean up at the Stoney Creek Centre on Wednesday at 4:30pm.
Ray Hook – Australian club special club meeting on Thurs., May 26th at 11:30am.
Lou Henderson – Meeting with the City regarding Fort McMurray
  • 312 people registered
  • 14 families needed places to stay and there were over 100 offers to help
  • Welcome Centre/Donation Centre are now closed
Dan Macpherson – Gala thank you letters are printed, please pick them up
Sheila Herle – Stop Hunger Now
  • 50,000 meals achieved and great volunteer support
Ashley – Excited, but scared.  Visited German neighbors to speak German and realized that she is fearless in her everyday life.
Guest speaker: Ray Hook on his Canadian Battlefields Trip Europe 2016
Following are a number of images from his tour - one of the biggest highlights for Ray...
"Just 10 minutes before the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate on March 28th (which is done every night since 1928 in Ypres Belgium), I was afforded the unique honour of reading the Exhortation after the playing of the Last Post at the ceremony that we attended on our only night in Ypres. It was an extremely emotional and proud moment for me as a Canadian and a Canadian veteran to be accorded this honour, just because I was there! The video is a bit rough at the start but only runs 6 minutes. I used a cue card as well, just in case I had a Senior's Moment. It all happened as if by divine intervention, as I had simply walked over to the organizer before the ceremony and introduced myself, then he asked me in if I would do him a favour! It turned out to be a great honour for me - not a favour. The other 3 Canadians on our Battlefield tour were very supporting to me, as I will admit to being a bit emotional afterwards. It still brings shivers to my spine when I watch it....a memory I will always treasure."
Thank you Ray for bringing a sense of reality to war sites in Europe that many of us have only read about in books. Your representation of Canada, Camrose and Rotary abroad - coupled with your dedication to the protection of Canada will always be remembered.

50/50 Draw - no winner this week - stay tuned.

Next Meeting - SPECIAL MEETING - Thursday at 1145am where we welcome our Australian guests as part of the Friendship Exchanges.