Youth Exchange updates.
Meeting called to order at 12:13pm.
March 11th is the District Learning and Development session.
Gala tickets are now available.  Roger has them.
March 13th is the evening meeting.
April 6th is the District Conference in Westlock.
Health of the club is good.
Ray Hook provided an update on the Augustana scholarship dinner.
Presentation by Paulo and Leila Gomes from Brazil:
  • Ted Gillespie met them in 2008.
  • Paulo has been heavily involved in the Youth Exchange since 2010.
  • They are from Aracaju, Brazil.
  • He has been a federal government lawyer since 1993.
  • Joined Rotary in 2007 and their club has 27 members.
  • Many Rotary projects have been done with Marta, a famous Brazilian soccer player.
  • They have hosted 10 long-term consecutive youth exchange students.
    Dawn presented a slide show and update on previous youth exchange students.
    Update from Dustin, an outbound student to Switzerland:
  • Currently runs the Rotary Youth Leadership group.
  • Communicates the group from Switzerland quite regularly.
  • He is attending NAIT and taking the automotive program.
    Update from Mikkel:
  • The Tiptoe with the Caribou trip was on Feb. 25th.  They made dreamcatchers and smoked fish.  He saw the Northern Lights for the first time.  Snowshoeing and dog sledding to a cabin for hot chocolate.  They ate lots of lasagna on the trip.  He went ice fishing.  They saw a movie for free (Rotarian owned the theatre).  They went to the legislature in Yellowknife and then attended a Rotary meeting.  Saw snow castles in Yellowknife.
    David Taylor won the 50/50 and drew the 7 of Hearts.
    Upcoming Greeters:
    Date                                                   Greeters
March 13
 Paul Pedersen
 Le Roy Johnson
March 20
 Jennifer Stone
 Dan Olofson
March 27
 Tina Yarbrough
 Grant Gillot