This week we welcome Tina Yaraborough as our newest Rotarian! We also had a very informative meeting about the recent familiarization trip to Tanzania.
The Buzz – Monday, March 14th, 2106
President Tony opened the meeting at 6pm and welcomed a number of guests to our evening meeting, which focused on Tanzania.
Health of the Club – no report.
INTERESTING READING - anyone interested in reading the 100th Anniversary  book about the Rotary Club of Edmonton is asked to see Tony. The book was given to us at the March 7th meeting from  visiting Rotarian (and guest speaker) Ralph Young.
ROTARY GALA CELEBRATION – plans are going well for this event on April 30th. Several VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES are available – please see Jenn Stone to find out where you can help. Roger M. has TICKETS AVAILABLE for sale – please see him at the next meeting or stop by Camrose Morning News to get yours to sell. SILENT AUCTION donations – Tony is orchestrating the collection of Silent Auction items – when you have something please let Tony know so we can keep tabs on what is coming in. If you need a copy of what was collected last year (and where you can prospect for items), please see Tony. There are many new businesses in town which would donate if approached. NEXT GALA MEETING is set for NOON on Wednesday March 30th at the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino.
            NEW MEMBER INDUCTION - president-elect Dan, Membership Chair Jenn, and new member sponsor Sheila inducted Tina Yarbrough into the Rotary Club of Camrose.
Tina and her husband Daron moved from Wetaskiwin to Camrose in September 2015. Tina worked in the hospitality and banking industries before becoming a stay-at-home mother to their two daughters (Micaela and Serina).  They have a family owned business in Wetaskiwin called Annugas Compression. 
Tina's has volunteered for her daughter's school and extra-curricular activities. Now that her youngest is becoming more self reliant, she has more free time, and looks forward to becoming involved in Rotary projects. She is particularly interested in the Stop Hunger project and anything involving youth and families.
Members in attendance provided Tina with a warm welcome – we look forward to getting to know you better and appreciate your contributions to the club and your community.
SPECIAL THANKS to the culinary team at the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino for the great Tanzania-themed dinner: Kachumbari Salad, Chapita Bread, Wali ni Maharage (Tanzanian Beans & Pilau Rice),  Mishkaki (Marinated Meats) and Ndizi Kaanga (Fried Green Bananas).
Roy Wallace (Foundation Chair), LeRoy Johnson, Berta Briggs (Rotary Club of Wetaskiwin) and Don Rebus – all of whom travelled to Tanzania recently to investigate the potential of creating a partnership and international project in Tanzania – spoke about their experience in Tanzania.
            Roy – said the idea for this project with Dr. Ron Lett (of Camrose) began three years ago.  Now that the club’s commitment to Belize is coming to a close, it is time to consider this new venture in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Tanga, Tanzania. Dr. Lett has been working with CNIS (Canadian Network for International Surgery ) which  is committed to empowering low-income countries to create an environment where the risk from injuries is minimal and that all people receive adequate healthcare. CNIS believes in sharing knowledge, expertise and experience to promote lasting and sustainable improvements in health and safety in the developing world.
In Tanzania their goal is to construct a obstetrics skills lab. The cost of the lab would be approximately CDN $74,000.
Quite pleased with the first impressions of the club and the merits of their club – the trip provided excellent ‘due diligence’ as a first step in initiating this project. They  viewed the site where the proposed Obsetrics lab would be located. Felt the Rotary Club of Tanga was made up of solid individuals whose objectives were positive. The new facility would provide a central location for all equipment and training needs; they are currently scattered around the area.
(Tanzania in the past few years has experienced a substantial reduction in child mortality rates1. In 2005, the infant mortality rate was 68 deaths per 1000, a vast improvement from the 1999 figure of 99 deaths per 1000. The under five mortality rate also decreased from 147 deaths per thousand in 1999 to 112 deaths per 1000 in 2005. This decrease can be in part attributed to improved breastfeeding practices, IMCI and high immunization coverage. However, one in nine children still die before their fifth birthday. Malaria, acute respiratory disease and diarrhoea persist as the most common childhood illnesses. .
Maternal mortality, on the other hand, has not benefited from trends similar to those of child mortality. Maternal deaths in Tanzania, with a ratio of 578 per 100 000, represent 18 percent of all deaths of women age 15-49. The main direct causes of maternal death are haemorrhages, infections, unsafe abortions, hypertensive disorders and obstructed labours. The presence of these causes is exacerbated by HIV and malaria, Tanzania's number one killer. The fact that more than half of births in Tanzania occur at home also contributes to the elevated maternal mortality rate. Of all pregnant women, only 46 percent are assisted during childbirth by a doctor, clinical officer, nurse, midwife or maternal and child health aide.
Though, the rate of assisted birth is low, 94 percent of women receive antenatal care (ANC) from a health professional at least once. However, the number of women who seek ANC at least four times has decreased from 71% in 1999 to 62% in 2005. This indicates a need for increased effort in regards to maternal health. Also notable, though a large majority of women receive ANC, less than half of them are informed about the signs of pregnancy complication.)
            Berta – expressed her appreciation for being able to bring the Rotary Club of Wetaskiwin into the fold for this project. While they don’t have a lot of dollars available to contribute, but “$1,000 could go a long way” and this project addressed an issue which needs to be dealt with. The community has the programs in place, but they are in desperate need of a facility to bring it all together.
            Don – presented a slide show to help provide visuals about the trip, the people, community and project.
            LeRoy – through CNIS, upgrading the education of the locals would help improve the infant mortality rate in the region. Currently many women and children die in childbirth because of improper use of equipment. CNIS has trained over 25,000 African health care practitioners, and this program would help to develop a “train the trainer” type of initiative. As a result, this project is sustainable. Also looking to get other Rotary Clubs involved, as the Rotary Club of Edmonton Downtown has already been approached. This project would involve “bricks and mortar” while the CNIS would provide the educational programming.
            The next step is to evaluate the funding need and consider all funding sources (including grants) and the potential for other Rotary Club involvement.
50/50 Draw – Guest Darrell Yarbrough’s number was pulled, but the Nine of Hearts was not the lucky card. Tina lead the club in the 4-Way Test to close the meeting.
NEXT MEETING - Monday, March 21st at the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino - Regal II Ballroom
GUEST SPEAKER - Todd Hircsh - ATB Financial
GREETERS - David Samm and  Shirley Rostad