District Governor Laura Morie visited the club today and shared her vision for the upcoming year.

Meeting called to order at 11:57am.


Guests: Mustafa, district Governor Laura Morie and Elaine Taylor.


Health of the Club: Al Rostad is getting more tests done.


Rotary exchange student Ashley has 1 week until her German final exam.


Jenn Stone – Update on the Stop Hunger Now project: 285,000 meals were shipped to Indonesia.


Presentation: Laura Morie, District Governor

Why Rotary? Now, in the 111 year history of Rotary we are more necessary than ever, 

Why Rotary? The answer to the question is different for every Rotarian,

As Rotarians we should to be able to articulate the reasons why Rotary is the partner or vehicle of choice when it comes to investing in communities at home and abroad. This is how we invite others to join us. This is how we will lead, and leave our individual and collective legacy.

Adaptation, means looking at ourselves in a new light. when the average age of Rotarians is 58 and there is less than equal gender representation or the ethnic diversity that our communities are comprised of , we will need to adapt to grow and serve.

Rotary networking, connecting and global reach are unparalleled and are the keys to dealing with the increasing manifestation of inequitable wealth distribution within and between nations. These strengths are also the keys to attracting those individuals who want to shape the future and leave a legacy

Networking and connecting which are our strengths is inherently a mentoring model. Investing time, not just money into our youth today, is the long game for Rotary. At a time, when the under 20's are awakening to their social conscience, Rotary needs to be visible and accessible as a mentoring partner. This is an investment that will pay immediate and long term dividends. Increased capacity to serve is the by-product of mentorship. District 5370 has increased its capacity to serve by 100  in the last 6 years by adding 61 Interact and Rotaract clubs and other program alumni. This has been achieved by adapting how we invest in youth and adjusting our expectations for continuing participation. I expect that as we continue to execute our strategy for Youth Services we will surpass 100% of our current Rotarian membership. District 5370 Rotary has increased Rotary's visibility, awareness and leveraged its ability to raise funds through the mentoring role of young people. Rotarians only need to look around, there are thousands more people that are participating in Runs for the Cure, canvassing for medical causes, lobbying  for social justice and environmental issues and a host of other charitable agencies that were previously part of the social net of services delivered through government. Why Rotary? It can convert an interest in changing the world into a commitment to Rotary. Rotary can satisfy the collective and individual legacy mindset. 

Visibility in the trenches, Rotarians need increased visibility where individuals are hard at work. The part where the sleeves are rolled up and not necessarily where the check books are out. Our Rotary youth are creating an increase in these high visibility opportunities. This work in the trenches by our Youth; visits to senior lodges, tutoring elementary school kids, Halloween for hunger Food Bank Drives, Hospital visits, community gardens, neighbourhood cleanup campaigns are all opportunities for Rotarians to mentor young people and show them Why Rotary? and our power as a partner for delivering social change. The ability for Rotarians to remove barriers and provide support is our main role as mentors. Supporting skill development and empowering our youth to affect change in the world will serve Rotary's future growth and it will repair our fragmented social fabric where there are increasing cutbacks to programs. Sponsoring the kids to attend our leadership programs or the sponsoring of Interact and Rotaract are our insurance plan for the future, and their means to leave a legacy and their world a little bit better than they found it. 

Welcome new member Calvin Skriver!


Winner of the 50/50 draw was Grant Burgess and he drew the 3 of Diamonds.


Winner of the Casino gift bag was Carman Mason.


Theme for the August evening meeting is Health and Wellness.