Mustafa entertains us with stories of his life since he left us.  An excellent Turkish dinner was enjoyed by all who attended.
Meeting called to order at 6:05pm.
Delicious Turkish dinner provided by the Best Western Resort and Casino including Red Lentil Soup, Turkish Chicken Kabobs and Zucchini Stuffed Rice.
Today is World Population Day.  Dan played a video illustrating the issues involved in over-population.
Many guests were in attendance: Julie and Azaz from the Casino, the 2 Darrens, Gail Stolee, Mustafa, Elaine Taylor, Dale and Carol from Rotary Daybreak, Calvin Skriver, Joy Leblanc, John’s wife Donna, Gloria Francouer and Monica Macpherson.
The health of the club is good.
Dues are due!
The District Governor is here for the July 18th meeting.  Executive meeting after lunch with her.
Club received $12,000 in provincial grant money for the Stop Hunger Now event.
Presentation: Mustafa, former Rotary Exchange student from Turkey
  • His flight home was 28 hours long!
  • His home town is Alanya and the best time to visit is March-May and Aug-Sept.
  • He shares a birthday with his sister even though they are 4 years apart.
  • He has taken a few trips since he returned – Greece, Swiss Alps, Prague, Spain, Riga/Latvia and Belgium.
  • Reunions with exchange students from the past have been some of the best trips.
  • Mustafa attends Hacettepe university which has 43,000 students.
  • One of the biggest changes he has experienced is that he is more independent now.
    50/50 pot is $319 and Darren drew the 4 of Diamonds.