Presentation from the Association of Communities Against Abuse.
Meeting called to order at 11:45am.
Health of the club is good.
Notice of motion was made to accept the new by-laws by Tina Yarbrough, seconded by David Taylor.
Rotary Cares Raffle is a sellout.  Thank you Morris for the final push!
Thursday, Feb. 9th is the next Gala meeting.
District Conference is April 6-8, 2017 in Westlock
Mikkel update:
  • On Wednesday he had 2 final exams and a basketball practice.
  • Thursday he went to Edmonton to Sheila to pick up the Shelter Box.
  • Saw Gavin in concert (Gavin plays the bass clarinet).
  • Had a basketball tournament followed by the wine pairing dinner at the Casino (he didn’t drink any wine).
  • At the tournament, they lost in the final to Wetaskiwin.
  • On Sunday, he played cards and had supper with Sheila and Darren.
    Presentation by the Association of Communities Against Abuse by Judy Beedee
  • The association covers a large geographic area but 42% of its clients come from Camrose and Camrose County.
  • The association deals with sexual abuse only.
  • Camrose was the second community to join after Stettler.
  • 1987-1990 was the planning stage, first client was in 1990, 100-150 clients/year since.
  • Clients range in age from 3-79.
  • They deal with many client issues including eating disorders, self-mutilation, alcoholism, drug addiction and medication use.
  • They are the only organization in Alberta that provides long-term help.
  • Referrals come from the client themselves, police, victim services, hospital, doctor, teacher, etc.
  • More male children clients than females.
  • The association has also developed programs for preventive education for daycares all the way up to grade 12.
  • Currently, 17 schools are using the program (funding from the federal govt to grade 7, 7-9 grades the funding comes from 2 Thrift Shops and some funding from the Red Deer United Way)
  • Also provide training programs to victim services groups, hospitals and nurse programs.
  • The cost is approx. $2500/year to see 1 client and their family.
  • The association also provides group therapy for men charged with abuse.
    Rotary Cares Raffle was won by Jaren Schultz.
    50/50 draw was won by Jenn Stone but she drew the Ace of Diamonds.
    Upcoming Greeters:
    Date                                                   Greeters
February 6
 Sheila Herle
 David Taylor
February 13
 Ted Gillespie
 Les Parsons
February 20
February 27
 Jerome Stetar
 Jeff Bonnor
March 6
 Anthony Hladun
 Roy Wallace
March 13
 Paul Pedersen
 Le Roy Johnson
March 20
 Jennifer Stone
 Dan Olofson
March 27
 Tina Yarbrough
 Grant Gillot