Classification Speeches from 2 of our newest members!
Meeting called to order at 11:52am.
Health of the club is good.
Mikkel update:
  • Basketball game in Rocky on Wednesday was cancelled.
  • Experienced his first time getting stuck in the snow ever.
  • Did some snow shovelling.
  • Past Friday had a basketball tournament at OLMP.
  • Attended the Dining in the Dark event with Dan and spilled water on himself.  Woke up with phyllo pastry in his hair.
  • Had a practice on Saturday then all you can eat pizza with the team at Boston Pizza.
  • Yesterday went to Leduc to watch Gavin’s hockey game then went to the mall.
  • Reunion online with Danish friend in Idaho.
  • Had a reaction to seafood, but unsure of how he was exposed.
    Everyone should have received an email with the new club by-laws.
    Lou Henderson update:
  • Rotary Cares Raffle – still have 18 or more tickets for sale.  Tickets back next week please.
  • RLI Institute training on Jan. 28th from 9:30am-4pm at Business IQ.  Club is covering the cost, lunch is included.  See Lou to sign up.
    Wed., March 1 is the Augustana Awards Banquet.  Ray Hook will attend.
    David Taylor – Belize trip
  • End of February for 1 week, approx. cost is $1200-$1500.
  • Extending an invitation to club members to attend a dev. Project.
  • High school visit, meet with the partner club and 1 other Rotary meeting, visit Mayan historic sites, cities and towns, visit Spanish Outlook (Mennonite community), 2 nights on Ambergris Caye.
  • You will need approx. $30/day for food.
  • Accommodations range from a hostel to 2-3 star hotels.
  • Transportation by car, ferries and plane.
    Next executive meeting is Tues., Jan. 24.
    Rotary Gala is May 6th.  First meeting is at 7:30am on Thurs., Jan. 19.
    Classification Speech – Jeff Bonnar
  • First Rotary experience was at the University of Regina.
  • Worked his way through the Domino’s franchise and then moved on to Canadian Tire.
  • He’s been the general manager at the Camrose Canadian Tire for 1 year.
  • His way of doing retail business is to meet motivation with a solution.
  • He met his wife on a blind date and for a year’s time they experienced a long-distance relationship.
  • Their son Nolan, just turned 15 months old.
  • He spends time with his family in his spare time.
  • His main hobby is golf.
  • Learning to play guitar is on his bucket list.
    Classification Speech – Tina Yarbrough
  • Was a waitress in high school and then a bartender once she turned 18.
  • Moved to Lloydminster and became a night auditor at a hotel.  A piece of advice, don’t be the only one of your friends to work the graveyard shift.
  • She is currently a stay-at-home mom with a 16 year old daughter at home.  She also has one other 26-year old daughter.
  • Born in Montreal, the youngest of 6 kids.  Up to the age of 6, she believed she was adopted (as told by her siblings).
  • Her Dad was a firefighter at the airport and at her age of 9, he was transferred to the Edmonton airport.
  • After that, moved to Devon, Leduc, then back to Montreal, Wetaskiwin and now Camrose.
  • She was married in 1997.
  • She has 1 6-year old granddaughter and another one coming in June.
  • Her hobbies include spending time with family, reading.
    50/50 draw was one by Sheila Herle and she drew the 8 of Clubs.
    Upcoming Greeters:
    Date                                                   Greeters
January 23
 Ray Hook
 Ronald Grue
January 30
 Roger Maschke
 Shirley Rostad
February 6
 Sheila Herle
 David Taylor
February 13
 Ted Gillespie
 Les Parsons
February 20
February 27
 Jerome Stetar
 Jeff Bonnor
March 6
 Anthony Hladun
 Roy Wallace
March 13
 Paul Pedersen
 Le Roy Johnson
March 20
 Jennifer Stone
 Dan Olofson
March 27
 Tina Yarbrough
 Grant Gillot