Congratulations to Grant Burgess as he pulled the winning 3 of Diamonds to claim the progressive 50/50 draw.

At the Feb 22nd meeting, we heard from many club directors about upcoming events and progress in their respective areas.
Rotary Meeting Minutes – 2/22/16
Meeting called to order at 11:45am
Health of the Club
  • Many attended John Howard’s funeral and a $250 donation will be made to the BRCF.
Morning Club – Rotary Spirits gathering at 5pm on Thursday at Malories
111th Rotary Anniversary on Tuesday.
April 21st – RI President Ravi will be in Edmonton
April 30th – Rotary will be recognized by the Pope at the Vatican
Sheila Herle – Stop Hunger Now update
  • Max McLean arena fee paid by Norm Mayer and 2 city councillors
  • Comedy fundraiser raised over $800
Roy Wallace – Tanzania trip
  • The trip involved work but there was some fun.
  • Local Rotary group is involved in clean water projects and prosthetics for missing limbs.
  • Great difference between urban, modern areas and rural areas (mud housing).
  • Our project will train nurses to deliver babies as there is a high mortality rate during birth in rural areas.
  • Pictures will be shown once Leroy and Don get back.
Dan Macpherson – Rotary Gala update
  • Stop Hunger Now theme
  • Music provided by Steve Olson
  • Norsemen is a go as a sponsor for the Bingo. Still waiting on response from Vision Credit Union.
  • Live auction items include a condo in France for 1 week and a BVJ VIP package
  • Please keep good records of where silent auction items come from
  • Gift cards are welcome
  • Jennifer Stone has the volunteer list
  • Credit card pre-authorization is new this year - used at the event and for ticket purchases.
  • Meal will be ½ chicken and ½ beef
  • Next Gala meeting will be March 8th at noon at the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino
Grant Burgess was selected for the 50/50 draw and won! Congratulations!
Next Meeting - Monday February 29th, 2016 in the Regal Ballroom of the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino.
Guest Speaker - Les Parsons - "Who I am, Where I've been... and where I'm going!"
Greeters - Lou Henderson and Dan Olofson