Mikkel's Birthday and a presentation by Wayne Kauffman, chair of the district foundation committee.
Meeting called to order at 11:49am.
Today we are celebrating Mikkel’s birthday.  Happy birthday!  Mikkel received a Toronto Blue Jays jersey from Dawn and the club.
Mikkel update:
  • On Saturday, he went with Donna to visit Northern Chicken in Edmonton
  • He received ski gear and skates for his birthday (now he has to learn how to skate)
  • Attended Ken and Marni’s Christmas party
  • Raised $180 for Shelter Box by selling 50/50 tickets
    Thank you to Ken and Marni Roberts for hosting the Christmas Party.
    December 12th meeting is an evening dinner meeting, please let Dawn know if you are attending.
    December 19th is an AGM meeting.
    December 20th is the executive meeting.
    Health of the club is good.
    Presentation: Wayne Kauffman, chair of our district foundation committee.
  • Celebrating 100 years of the Rotary Foundation.
  • Last year, 2015/16 District clubs contributed $330,614US (pledged $324,655 US to the Annual Programs Fund 2015/16).  Achieved 104% of goal.  Average per cap of $145.90.
  • Camrose Rotary Club For 2015/16: Annual fund giving – actual $4,750 US vs goal of $6,780 or 70% of goal.  PolioPlus giving – actual $8,706 vs goal of  $1,000 or 871% of goal
  • Camrose Rotary Club Goals For 2016/17: Annual Fund $7,500 goal.  PolioPlus $ 5,000 goal.
  • The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
  • The Rotary Foundation (in a nut shell): The Rotary Foundation helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives.  Your club or district can apply for grants from the Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships.  The Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as eradicating polio and promoting peace.  Rotarians and friends of Rotary support the Foundation’s work through voluntary contributions.
  • Rotary Scholarships– Given as District Grant or Global Grants.  District Grants may be used to match club dollars.  Global grants must be a minimum of $30,000US for each scholarship.  The scholars must meet the criteria for Global Grants.  Committee Chair – Dean Wood
  • World Peace Fellowships: Masters Degree  - US$50,000  2 year Fellowship.  Professional Development Certificate - US$11,000 3 month intensive studies (now available to Rotarians).  Last Recipient- John Lamming- sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie.  See the Feb/16 edition of Rotarian.  These programs are funded through the World Fund.  Committee Chair – Dean Wood: RC Edmonton  Riverview
  • District Grants – District Designated Funds (DDF) are used  to assist in funding local or international humanitarian service projects. Application form is available on the District website.  District Grants must be applied for within the window of PETS Leadership and Development weekend until May 31.  40 clubs applied for district grants for 2016-17.  Asked for $163K but only $111K available.  NEED TO GET OUR SHARE GIVING UP.  Make sure clubs get their reports completed before new money sent (about 4 or 5 o/s).
  • Global Grants – Support Humanitarian Service projects in the international community.  Applications are done online at Rotary.org.  The minimum grant amount is set at $30,000 US.  All Global Grants must meet requirements as stipulated by TRF.  These grants must be aimed at the six areas of service and must be sustainable. Note that there is no opening or closing dates.  The grants are continuous in nature with no deadlines.
  • Stewardship Sub-committee: Responsible for ensuring careful management of grant funds.  Educate Rotarians on proper and effective grant management.  Lead by Al Pierog - RC of Edmonton South.
  • Sources of Fund Support: Annual Programs Fund(APF) – This is the essence of the “Every Rotarian Every year” initiative.  We encourage all Rotarians to be sustaining members giving $100US every year for 10 years to the APF.  Paul Harris Society member (commit to $1,000 US annually).  Bequest Society member (commit to $10,000 US donation or will. Permanent Fund / Planned Giving – Through Wills, estate, insurance, stocks, etc.  Permanent Fund monies are never spent, they are  invested, and the interest earned each year goes to the Annual Programs Fund or World Fund.  Two recognitions: Benefactor - US$1,000 in your will. Receive “wings” to attach under your Rotary pin.  Bequest Society - minimum of US$10,000. Receive a crystal engraved with your name plus a pin.  Committee Chair: Vacant at the moment.
  • The Paul Harris Society is a special district recognition program designed for Rotarians who wish to support the Rotary Foundation in a more substantial way each year.  Recognizes individual donors who make a commitment to contribute a minimum of US$1,000 per year to the Annual Programs Fund, Polio Plus and Polio Plus Partners, or the Humanitarian Grants Program.  Currently about 103 members in the District.  Committee Chair: Carol Devereux, RC of South.
  • PolioPlus Committee: In keeping our promise to eliminate Polio from the world we have immunized over 2 Billion Children.  In one day over 170 million children were immunized in India.  We have to eliminate polio from the remaining 2 countries in the world where it is found but recently 3 cases reported in Nigeria.  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: two to one matching.  Committee Chair: Pat Gibson, RC of Edmonton Strathcona.
  • TRF-Direct: A new, convenient way is now available for you to make regular contributions to The Rotary Foundation – through TRF-Direct. Simply fill in how much you would like deducted from your chequing or savings account or from your credit card.  Indicate frequency: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually.  Mail it in to The Rotary Foundation, and you are all set!  Form is available on the District website under Foundation.
    Grant Gillott was the 50/50 winner and he drew the 9 of Diamonds.
    There were some wine bottles left over from the Christmas Party so extra 50/50 tickets were drawn and the following won:  Jerome Stetar, Grant Gillott, Ken Roberts and Grant Burgess (gave his to Paul Pedersen)
    Upcoming Greeters:
    Date                                                   Greeters
    December 12              Kim Boyco                 David Stolee
    December 19              Grant Burgess                       Carman Mason
    December 26  X                      
January 2         X