Health and Wellness Night
Meeting called to order at 6:03pm (great turnout).
Holly Volk, a music camp scholarship recipient, entertained us with a saxophone solo (incredible rendition of the Star Wars opening theme!)
While finishing supper, we watched a video by John Germ discussing the year ahead in Rotary.
Many guests were in attendance along with many Daybreak Rotary members.
Health of the club – very good.
Due to time commitments, Tyler Weber will no longer be a member of the club.
Executive meeting at 5:15pm on August 16th.
Rotary has a booth at the September 3rd Registration Night.  More info will be forthcoming.
Mud Hero Crew representing Rotary.  Good job ladies!
Pictured: Tina Yarbrough, Sheila Herle, Destiny Reay, Lisa Rohr, Stacey Winia and Jennifer Stone
Sheila Herle announced that there was $6000-$7000 left from the Stop Hunger Now event and would be looking for a joint project to do with the members of the Daybreak Rotary group.
Ashley arrived in Austria and said that it feels like a fairy tale!
Presentation by Davin Martinson, Chiropractor
  • Focus on movement – moving appropriately to withstand the test of time.
  • Never quit, it’s hard to gain it back.
  • Stretching is important.
  • Meet the intervention to the requirement of the tissue.
  • Quality vs. Quantity
    50/50 winner – Sheila Herle and she drew the King of Hearts
    Upcoming greeters:
August 15
 Ray Hook
 Grant Gillot
August 22
 Jennifer Stone
 Carman Mason
August 29
 Roy Wallace
 Jim Rasmussen
September 5
September 12
 Sheila Herle
 Lou Henderson
September 19
 Tina Yarbrough
 Anthony Hladun
September 26
 Randal Nickel
 Donna Phillips