Karen Jones, a cancer navigator presented on how she helps guide patients through the physical, emotional and budgetary aspects of the process after they have been notified of a positive cancer diagnosis.  
Dan rang the bell on time at 11:45
Carmen lead us in the singing of O’Canada, and the Rotary Grace.
17 members were in attendance along with one guest.
Dan opened the meeting at 12:15.
 - Karen Jones - our guest speaker.
Paul reported that he doesn't know of anyone that is sick today.
The budget motion was deferred to the next meeting because only half of the club members were present.
Shirley  asked some questions on the budget
   - She is looking for confirmation from the foundation that we are getting $7000.
   - The budget does not appear to include funding of the canoe trip.  The funding of the trip should be confirmed.
Moved by Jenn, seconded by Tina, that the budget motion be deferred until the next meeting. Approved.
 - Dan has had a request for a change in October to accommodate a speaker.
Motion by Jim, seconded by Jen to make the meeting of October 3rd an evening meeting.  (October 10th is a holiday).  Approved.
EVENING MEETING – September 12, 2016
All members are to advise Dawn or Dan if they will be able to attend the evening meeting in two weeks.  The topic will be Mikkal Storm (Rotary Youth Exchange Student) presentation.   
Volunteers are required for the Terry Fox Run - and/or Sponsorship.  The event is on September 18th.  If you are interested, please contact Dawn Anderson 
 - Jim had his 38th wedding anniversary on Friday.
 - Sheila has purchased a house after a lot of dickering.
 - Jen’S husbands Woman's soccer team in exhibition and won five games straight.
 -  Shirley - happy to announce the arrival of her first grandchild.
 - David Stollee - returned safely from a trip to France with his grandson.
 -  Les had an  Anniversary and also purchased a house.  He and his wife are running in a Parkinson's run.
 -  Dan - His son finished his 18 week heavy equipment course - final exam mark 100%
Dan introduced Karen Jones who is the Cancer Navigator in Camrose.  Her background is 30 years of nursing.
Before Karen’s presentation a Terry Fox Video was shown. Video link - https://youtu.be/f1QOtPDAAeY
As a Navigator, she helps guide patients through the physical, emotional budgetary aspects of the process after they have been notified of a positive cancer diagnosis.  She is an information resource and answers their questions.  She also improves the coordination of their care by making sure that appropriate measures are done in a timely fashion.  She can also link patients with financial resources and programs.
Anyone with a positive cancer diagnosis can contact Karen.  Many are referred by their doctors.  Some have treatment, others in Edmonton, Red Deer or Lloydminster.
A large portion of her job is answering questions and being a person that people can talk to.
There is no charge for patient navigation.  It is funded through Alberta Cancer Foundation.  There are 14 navigators in the province.
Some of the local resources include the Camrose Primary Care Network, Home Care, St. Mary's Hospital, FCSS, Alberta Mental Health, Ministerial Association, etc.
The Canadian Cancer Society is also a major resource, although there is nothing on-going in Camrose at this time.  There are on-line services available.
A new program in Camrose, for people who have completed treatment within the last few months, is a transition program where people can come together with others who have had similar experiences to meet with multi-disciplinary teams, and to share amongst each other.
Dan thanked Karen for speaking to us, and presented her with a certificate of thanks confirming that 50 polio vaccines had been funded on her behalf.
  - There will be no meeting next week, September 5, 2016..
  - The following meeting will be an evening meeting with Mikkells presentation – September 12, 2016.
 - Winner was ticket 204. Ron Grue is the winner.
 50/50 DRAW
Florence won the draw - but pulled the 4 of Spades. 
Florence lead us in the four way test.  
The meeting was closed at 12:50