Janine Carroll talks about the fun events happening at Founders Days.
Meeting called to order at 11:50am.
Health of the club is good.
Tuesday, August 16th at 5:15pm – Executive meeting.
Registration night is Sept. 8th from 6-9pm.
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Presentation by Janine Carroll for Founders Day and Genealogy:
  • Founders Day began in 2004 celebrating 100 years of Main Street Camrose
  • Next year will likely be the last one but the celebration will change into another historical event.
  • D.R. Francouer is being honored. He is credited with paving main street and was one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs who built the province of Alberta.
  • Camrose had the highest number of votes per capita in favour of prohibition (1915).  If you were caught drunk and disorderly in the streets, you got 3 months of hard labour.
  • Janine is the current president of the Genealogical Society and works at the museum.  Next year is the 50 year celebration of the Camrose Museum.
  • Full schedule of Founders Day events at www.foundersdays.com.
    Grant Gillette gave a brief preview of an upcoming presentation on medical marijuana.  A great resource to view is the Dr. Sanjay Gupta documentary on weed.
    Next week’s meeting is a Club Assembly.
    50/50 pot is $403 and the winner is Paul Pedersen who drew a 6 of Diamonds.
Upcoming greeters:
August 22
 Jennifer Stone
 Carman Mason
August 29
 Roy Wallace
 Jim Rasmussen
September 5
September 12
 Sheila Herle
 Lou Henderson
September 19
 Tina Yarbrough
 Anthony Hladun
September 26
 Randal Nickel
 Donna Phillips