This week we hear from Sabrina Andrews from Augustana Campus, Outdoor Education, who presented today on the Rotary sponsored Youth Leadership Canoe Trio (RYLC).
The Buzz – April 4, 2016   By Ray Hook
  1. President Tony called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m. at the Best Western Banquet Room
  1. Guests included John Stoddart (Daybreak Club), Berta Briggs (Wetaskiwin), and Sabrina Andrews (Augustana Outdoor Education).
  1. Health of the Club – no report.
  1. Announcements
    1. Rotary Cares raffle draw for March was held (delayed due to Easter weekend). Winner will be advised by mail.
    2. Rotary Gala – members were encouraged to get busy with Silent Auction item collection, as we are rapidly approaching the day.
    3. An update on the Gala is to be found on each table at lunch today. (SEE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BUZZ)
    4. Dawn passed around a brochure and sign-up sheet for next week’s evening meeting and guest speaker. Please let the hotel know you and any guests who will be attending

    5. Roy Wallace (International Services Committee) put forward a Notice of Motion, to be voted on in two weeks. The Motion is attached at the end of the report.
    6. Dawn and Jenn spoke of the coming STOP HUNGER bottle drive, fund raising campaign and food packing events. On Line registration is encouraged for the May 15th event.
  1. Ashley’s Talk – Ashley just finished spring break, so she had not much to report on, other than she is working on setting some goals for her year of exchange. Her first one is to learn as much as she can about her future hoe for next year – Austria. Her second goal is to get to know as many Rotarians as possible before she heads off to Austria this summer. She’ll be standing at the door as an unofficial greeter for a bit now.
  1. Judges - Happy Bucks came from Morris, David S, Leroy, Dawn, Ken Roberts, Ray H, and Paul.
  1. Guest Speaker – Ray H introduced Sabrina Andrews from Augustana Campus, Outdoor Education, who presented today on the Rotary sponsored Youth Leadership Canoe Trio (RYLC).  Sabrina was happy to discuss the long and beneficial relationship with our Club, with both this Youth Leadership Canoe Trip and the modified Rotary Youth Exchange Orienteering trip (used to be a canoe trip too). This year’s canoe trip is especially popular with the PACE students, as the feedback amongst the students is such that there is almost a competition to get selected. Selection is fairly easy now, except there seems to be some difficulty in freeing up teacher mentors from PACE. Augustana is considering a plan to either share the spots with CCHS or go to an alternating year basis with the Comp and PACE.
On last year’s trip, as with most trips, the PACE students started out keeping to themselves,
withdrawn and not knowing each other. As the trip progressed, barriers fell, they shared, got to know one another and got to realize and understand that the PACE staff and even the CPS Constable were human beings as well, and that they (students) could talk to them and share experiences. This is so true of all these trips – the bonding, the role model example and that genuine friendship can happen. Many of the participants have missed that part of growing up, and it is a truly remarkable transition that will stand these youths in good stead for the rest of their lives. Sabrina did share a few photographs that exemplified the “before and after” body language and positioning at the campfires as the week progressed.  
            Sabrina gave a few examples of the kinds of family life that a few of the kids grew up in, and how important this trip was to changing their lives. One particular youth (oldest of several siblings) had experienced many moves during his school years. He had a tough growing up, with no adult mentors, but had to go to school and work to survive. He was a very “closed”, non-communicative and isolated young man at the start, and his transformation was quite remarkable – he opened up, joked, bonded, took part in all activities and even shared stories of his life. He saw through this experience that adults are human too – rather simplistic perhaps, but VERY true and vital to the kids’ outlook on life right now.
            Sabrina thanked the Club again for their support of this program – our profound financial support towards funding this program is greatly appreciated.
            Following a short Q & A, Ray thanked Sabrina for her presentation and gave her a certificate representing 50 doses of oral polio vaccine given on her behalf in appreciation of her briefing us today.
  1. Other Business – the 50/50 draw was won by Jenn Stone, and sadly she failed to draw the winning card.
  1. Next week’s meeting will be the monthly evening meeting, starting at 6;00 p.m. Guests are welcome. Please advise Dawn ASAP if you plan to attend.
  1. Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 P.M.
NEXT MEETING - MONDAY, APRIL 11TH at 6PM - special Chicago night dedicated to Rotary Foundation.
Motion to the Camrose Rotary Club from the Foundation and International Services Committee (Roy Wallace, Chair) Mar 31/16
Background Information:  The Tanga project is a joint initiative with the Tanga, Tanzania Rotary Club to build a medical lab. The new facility will be used to train assistant medical officers who provide the C section in rural hospitals and nursing certificate students who come from villages to become diploma level nurse midwives; practical training is done by Canadian Volunteer Doctors. The lab will be an addition to an existing medical training centre adjacent to a hospital in Tanga. Tz. Courses offered will be under the direction of the Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS) which has a 20-year history of service to Africans. Dr Ron Lett, a native of Camrose is a founder and present Director of CNIS.  Three representatives of the Camrose Rotary Club and one from the Wetaskiwin Club recently visited Tanga to assess the proposed project and enter into direct dialogue with the Tanga Rotary Club. The team of 4 unanimously recommend that the partners proceed with the project.
MOTION:  That the Camrose Rotary Club endorse the Tanga project as a joint initiative of the Tanga Rotary Club, CNIS and the Camrose Rotary Club
                                      and that
From the $75000 budgeted cost to build this lab, the club approve up to $10,000 be allocated annually for a maximum 2 years from the Club's annual $15,000 budget for international projects.
                                      and that
this Committee and club members be authorized to raise additional funds in collaboration with partners for the project by;
  1.  contacting other Rotary Clubs for participation through joint sponsorship
  2.  Contacting private donors such as health related professionals or those having a special interest in the project
  3. Obtaining available grants
  1. The Tanga Club has a solid record of service and was found to be active and sustainable by the visiting team from Camrose.  A member of the Tanzania club is the incoming District Governor and 3 of the members are professional engineers who, the committee feels, could be of special assistance in completing the project according to set standards.
  2. CNIS has a solid record of service in Africa having contributed to the training of over 125,000 health care workers over 20 years (CNIS website). There is a local connection in that Dr Ron Lett is from Camrose and is a graduate of Augustana and the U of A.
  3. There would be extensive outreach to serve the medical needs of rural Africans, especially women and children
  4. The project would be sustainable over the long term without a long term commitment from the Camrose Rotary Club.
Rotary Celebration Gala - Update
Support from the community has been fantastic for the Live Auction!
-we are adding a special section of “Super Silent Auction” items which will be given extra attention during the event. These are high valued items which, because of the time limits, cannot be part of the live auction.
-final determination of Live and Super Silent auction items will be determined at the April 26th event planning meeting
-to date, these are the major items up for Live/Super Silent auction items:

    -Women’s Group Package (Dinner, makeover & shopping) (Sheila)
-CRC Christmas Party (Dawn)
-Five piece conversation set including  fire table from The Brick (Dawn)
-$2,000 CAM-FM / NewCap Broadcasting Advertising Package (Dan)
-Vacation Apartment in Pézenas, France  (David T.)
 -BC Vacation Home (Al)
-BVJ VIP Package (Al)
-Camping Package (David T.)
-Firetruck for birthday party, party decorations  PLUS custom cake from Mallories (Sheila)
-Richardson’s Jewelers item (Dawn)
-$4,000 quilt from Quilting from the Heart
                -Wine/liquor Tree
                                                                                                                                                …and more to come!
Major sponsors are confirmed!
-our Champagne reception sponsor is D&D Vehicle Sales
            -our Bingo Sponsors are confirmed Norsemen Inn and Vision Credit Union ($1,500 each)
Silent Auction – Tony H.
-please continue to work on your contacts
-lots of new businesses in our community that would love to contribute if contacted
            -there may be items from past members
            -please keep Tony up to date on your collection items
Ticket sales
            -the Gala won’t achieve its goal without people attending the event. People/businesses needing to be invited include automotive and ag dealerships, school board, hospital/doctors, business professionals, retailers, business owners & managers, recipients of Rotary funding and sponsorships…and the list goes on! Please keep track of your ticket sales so we can create a database of how to arrange the table seating AND for ticket sales next year.
Wine Sales
            -as in past years, Rotarians will be selling bottles of wine for $20 per bottle. Single glasses will be available from the bar.
Champagne Reception / hors d'oeuvres
            -As guests arrive, Rotarians will be greeting them with complimentary glasses of champagne at the entrance to the ballroom, and hors d’oeuvres around the room.
Volunteers – Jenn S.
            -there are a number of tasks that need to be done on the night of the event – please see Jenn for where you can participate

Event Program – Stop Hunger Now
-the Stop Hunger Now committee has been doing an AMAZING job raising the profile of this event. The program and Rotary will be featured on the front of the Camrose Booster the week before the Gala
-Destiny from the Daybreak Rotary Club will be presenting the Stop Hunger Now video and information during the Gala
-DINNER CHALLENGE – between now and the Gala, in an effort to raise upwards of $1,500 extra for the event, three of our members have ‘volunteered’ to substitute/trade/ exchange their Gala dinner for a Heaping Helping of Stop Hunger Now ‘food packet goodness’. For each $500 donated before the supper, one Rotarian (Dan, Jenn then David S.) will take on the challenge.
Bingo Games
-after dinner, but before the Live Auction, we will have two games of bingo with a total of $3,000 in cash prizes. Each game will have the following prizes: $250 will be awarded for a straight or diagonal line, $500 for two lines and $750 for a full card.
-50/50 tickets will be sold throughout the night, with the winner drawn and announced immediately following the live auction.
Silent Auction – winning bids
-the winning silent auction bid sheets will be pulled AT THE SAME TIME, rather than in stages… guests who have won multiple items will be paying only once… therefore distributing winning bid sheets once will save time and resources.
-sheets will be pulled shortly after the end of the live auction.
Payments live and silent auction
-payment can be made in CASH, CHEQUE, VISA or MASTERCARD, and we will be using the “SQUARE” electronic payment systems. Debit is not accepted.
-cash only for all 50/50 and wine purchases
…and I can only think “what am I missing?”