This week we hear from Ryan Poole from the City of Camrose, speaking about the proposed Stoney Creek Park development.
The Buzz – April 25, 2016   By Ray Hook
  1. President Tony called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m. at the Best Western Banquet Room
  1. Guests included City Manager Malcolm Boyd and General Manager Camrose Community Services Ryan Poole.
  1. Health of the Club –Paul reported that Abe Friesen had been admitted to hospital in Edmonton last week, and was now back home recovering. (Update - Abe passed away late last week.)
  1. Announcements
    1. Dawn and Donna announced that our inbound Exchange Student has been named – a young man from Denmark – Mikkel Mueller – and he will need host families! Please advise Donna or Dawn (inbound counsellor) ASAP if you can host Mikkel for 3 or 4 months.  
    2. Dawn advised that if all Gala tickets currently out for sale, are sold, then we will only see about 170 seated for dinner – well down from previous years. SELL SELL SELL !!!
    3. Dan M asked for volunteers with trucks to help collect silent and live auction items on Saturday morning for the Gala.
    4. Rotary Friendship Exchange – President Tony reminded members that there was no meeting on May 23rd (Victoria Day) BUT there would be a special combined lunch meeting on Thursday May 26th with our Australian visiting Rotarians.
    5. The Rotary Care Raffle draw was help, and the winner was Tyler Keller.
    6. Next week’s Guest Speaker will be Tina Yarborough and Leroy Johnson with a Classification talks.

    7. Dawn announced that the next evening meeting (Monday May9th at 6P.M.) would be a special men u in honour of National BarBQ ue month. Dawn has negotiated a special deal with a local Kobe beef producer (normally too expensive for most Canadians!). The dinner will feature 10 ounce Koibe beef and will be barbqued at the hotel. Dinner will be $30 – and maybe some folks will need doggie bags after, with such big steaks! Since May is also National Photography Month, Dawn asked members to send her any interesting photographs that she can out together for a montage to be shown during dinner.
  1. Ashley’s Talk – Ashley shared her thoughts on the recent and prolonged negativity in media reporting dealing with the treatment of Syrian refugees and their integration into Europe. Citing the recent Rotarian magazine (which she encouraged all Rotarians to read!), there was a wonderfully positive story this month about local efforts in Austria to accommodate several families in a reconditioned building. Her plea for media to focus more on positive outcomes was well understood by all. 
  1. Judges/Greeters Ken and John called for Happy Bucks, and they came from Leroy, David T, Ray, Ted, Dan O, Dan M, Donna, Don R, Dawn, Jerome, Paul, Lou H and Jim. Welcome back Jim and Lou!  Judge KLen D did fine Jerome.
  1. Guest Speaker – President Tony introduced Ryan Poole, General Manager of Community Services with the city, who would be speaking to us today about possible joint funding venture projects between the City and our club.
Ryan gave a brief background on himself, being fairly new to the City about a year ago, but having spent time in the County in Bonnyville for several years. He is excited to be in Camrose – finding it a very vibrant and active city, with a lot of interest in and use of the city’s green spaces. Camrose has to rank as one of the best cities he knows of, for its love of parks, recreation and healthy living. With that in mind, the City has developed a plan encompassing several initiatives for the old camp ground area at the Ski Hill. There have been ongoing discussions with stakeholders involved with the Stoney Creek Centre project. The ideas were to convert the old campground park and modernize it to a more user-friendly space in the south part of the city, especially given the rapid expansion of Camrose to the south.
The three parts are the Ski Hill, a new park and playground and a pocket park downtown, and the draft budget below lays out the concept and funding required. Ryan is offering our Club the opportunity to participate in the development of the improved picnic/playground portion of the overall project. The City is asking for a commitment of $40,000 for our help with this project.
The projected overall cost of this phase is $60,000.Ryan sees our participation in this project will give us (our Club) a higher visibility project than other infrastructure projects – i.e. this gives the Club a definite symbol of continuing to support the city, and a bit of a legacy for the Club– a WOW factor when it is done., if you will. Such a project would continue to attract city users (and visitors), helping all to keep active and busy. And, Ryan did commit the city to improving signage - many folks simply don’t know when or where to turn to access Stoney Creek Centre! This will be a great help to all.
Following a short Q and A, Tony thanked Ryan for his presentation.
  1. The 50/50 Draw was won by Ken Roberts, but he failed to draw the Ace!
  1. Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 P.M.
NEXT MEETING - Monday, May 2nd at 1145AM in the Regal II Ballroom of the Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino.

Guest Speaker - LeRoy Johnson's Classification Speech
Greeters - Ray Hook and Maurice Francoeur