Rotary Buzz May 6th
Ted welcomed us in at 11:50 and we started off with O-Canada and Rotary Grace.
Introduction of Guests-Paul King,  Theresa Gratrix,  Don Gregorwich and Jay Allart
Health of the Club- The only sick person in the club is Paul himself.
Happy Bucks- David Taylor and Heather Berry both celebrated their Birthdays.  Lou is very happy to announce that a team she submitted for a wine survivor is still in the hanging.  Shirley had a quick trip to the Okotoks.  Ted’s father is getting better after his fall.
Rotary Flag program is up and running again this year,  please reach out to Lisa Rohr if you'd like to sign up.  They are expecting to sell out again this year so the sooner the better.
Guest Speaker-Don from Camrose County came and presented to us on the 2018 Annual Report.   Check out their website for updates.
Next meeting is an evening meeting,  Kassia Fardoe will be speaking to us again about her plans. The greeter for that evening is David Stolee.
50/50 Ken Roberts pulled the 5 of hearts