Rotary Buzz March 25, 2019
Ted opened the meeting at 11:45 am with the singing of O Canada and the Rotary Grace! 
Health of the Club – Paul Pedersen reported that our health is very good.
Happy Bucks – Gordon Berg dropped off a poster for an About Time Productions event (described below) with a Happy Buck for the announcement. Other people are happy about birthdays, still being able to play multiple volleyball games in a day, trips, attending a Cadets ceremony for Ashley White and being the Dad who was invited to go along on a wedding dress shopping adventure.
Announcements and Committee Updates:
  • About Time Productions is hosting an All Ages Fundraiser this Friday, March 29, at Retro.  Between 6pm-10pm is an All Ages show; 10pm to 2 am is Adults only. Tickets are $25. Sleepover babysitting is available for a small fee.
  • Gala Update – make sure you have marked your calendars for April 27 at the Best Western.  Please use this opportunity to invite the community to support Rotary.  This year we will honor long time Rotarian Ken Drever with a special tribute and thanks.  This is our major fundraiser for the year, so if we want to continue to do major projects in the community and internationally, we need the support of ALL members to get people out and collect items for our auctions.
  • Jenn Stone has agreed to step forward as the President Elect Nominee, meaning she will follow Roy as President for the 2020-2021 year.  Thanks Jenn!!
Presentation:  Roy Wallace, President Elect, Vision for the Rotary Club of Camrose
Roy began by thanking Ted for allowing him to “intrude” on his Presidential year and introduce his vision for our Club in the upcoming year.  Roy describes himself as a Dreamer, which he refers to as “Youthful Exuberance”.  He wants to build on the Rotary International President’s theme for 2019-2020:  Rotary Connects the World.  Roy believes our Camrose Club to be the best Rotary Club in Canada, and wants us to stop keeping this a secret and dedicate ourselves to getting the word out.  His vision is for us to Dream Big:  set Big Goals that will require 100% active participation by our Club members to achieve them.  This, Roy believes, will motivate us to be more engaged and encourage us to promote Rotary much more than we have in the past few years.
Roy’s 3 priorities will be:
  1. Membership
  2. Communication
  3. Fundraising
He went on to describe the goals he has in mind, and ways that they can be reached.  It is difficult to capture his enthusiasm and the energy he brings in a few words, so I am not going to make a poor attempt.  You will hear much more from Roy over the upcoming months, and I am sure that you will find his love of Rotary contagious and before you know it you will be sharing your dreams as well!
Rotary Cares:  March winner is Matt Banack of Camrose, ticket #051 sold by Jerome Stetar
50/50 - $195 (?) – Paul Pedersen drew the Jack of Clubs (I think)—not the Ace of Spades.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
  • Next meeting - Noon Meeting, April 1, 2019, 11:45 am.(No joke)
  • Club Assembly