Rotary Buzz November 19th, 2018
Ted welcomed us 11:46, starting off with O-Canada and Rotary Grace.
Introduction of guests, Celia’s last day as a guest
Health of the club, Ken Drever is out of the hospital.
Wine survivor- Lou was very disappointed that she didn’t win any wine.  Thank you to everyone that helped out.  $5200 was raised to be shared between the two clubs.
Rotary cares- Lou has tickets available.  Emails have been sent out to people that have previously purchased tickets. 
Lou’s proposal to admit Celia Leathwood into the Rotary club of Camrose has been approved.   Welcome Celia!
December 10th- Christmas dinner in which many guests will be coming to share a little blurb about their organizations. Please remember to bring a guest
Happy Bucks- Happy five for Dawn, her campaigning journey has come to an end, she has had a great experience. Please remember to get out and vote this Saturday to show your support.  Two successful Ed Sullivan shows,  Lou and Morris went to the Canada 151 show,  visits with family and a guy’s getaway are just a few of the highlights.
Roy- Foundation month is the month where Rotarians donate money, we watched a couple videos on what it means to be a Rotarian.  We are dedicated to improving lives.  We are looking to raise $8000 each year for our annual goal, so far we are at $2111.  In total our club has donated close to $300,000 for the Rotary club foundation!  We would like to encourage everyone to continue giving. 
50/50 Donna was the winner of the 50/50 but pulled the two of spades!
Dec 10th is visitor day, we get the chance to spread the joy of Rotary
Finished the meeting with the Four Way Test.  Have a great week everyone!