Rotary Buzz November 12, 2018
Destiny started off the meeting with O-Canada and Rotary Grace
Guest introductions
Last ten draws for wine survivor.  182, 122, 029, 127, 089
Fifth place 265 Fourth 280 Third 106 Second 287 First 194
Spruce Grove Rotarians- Provided the Girls for Days Club with four thousand dollars they raised from their own wine survivor.
Dec 1st pack meals check with Destiny for more info.
See Carol for quilt raffle tickets proceeds go to Days for Girls Club
Happy bucks- Celia is happy her team won some wine!
Jim has an open house in Arizona so if you are looking to get away please contact Jim.
Odell introduced our guest speaker Dr. Allen Berger, Dean of UA Augustana
Dr. Allen Berger provided us with many updates on Augustana. 
In 2004 the University converted from Camrose Lutheran College into the U of A, the university is maxed out on enrolment, which means higher admissions standards. 
Actively involved in outreach in Alberta, providing certificate courses to leaders in the community.
Just managed to obtain a half a million dollar gift that will go towards an observatory. 
At the beginning Augustana was seen as more of a beneficiary, but more recently Augustana is seen as a contributor.  The traditional calendar increased students stress, so they have devised a new schedule. The new schedule increases opportunities for travel because they are just focused on one class. No student is balancing more than three or four classes at a time.  Smaller class sizes gives a higher impact.  Only 70 percent of students graduate, so they are trying to improve the success rate.  Best predictor of success is the first term of university.  First three weeks is the best indicator of student success. Research has suggested that the changes they have made increases retention, and success rates. There are many and advantages to having a three week course, but there are still many areas in which they can improve. Looking further ahead, U of A is going to attempt to raise 1.5 billion dollars to create a Centre of Excellence of rural health and wellness.
We provided Dr. Allen Berger with a certificate to vaccinate ten children against polio.
50/50 Glenda was the winner.
Dec 10th is visitor day, we get the chance to spread the joy of Rotary
Finished the meeting with the Four way test.  Have a great week every