Rotary Buzz October 1, 2018
President Ted Gillespie welcomed members and we began with O’Canada and Rotary Grace.
To begin meeting Ted rang the bell at 12:16pm.
Health of the club- great and Roy thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
No Guests today.
Happy bucks included: Birthday wishes, Health of family members, and Dawn’s pizza membership drive October 2 at BP’s from 7-9pm.
Paul Pederson high lighted that the Books Under the Tree Campaign. The goal is to collect one new storybook for every child whose family is receiving a Christmas hamper. Please contact or 780-672-8754 for more information.
Wine Survivor tickets are now available. Hope to sell out by October 31.
Rotary Cares tickets available from Ted today.
Trees are looking good this week and will not need to be watered. Kim will update club next week if needed.
District Conference October 19 and 20 2018 in Edmonton. Anyone going up for just Saturday, John Stoddard would like a ride. Club will pay registration fees for club members attending.
Kiva Update: Money has been reinvested as per Ted’s discretion.
Speakers are Dan Cole and Jim Rasmussen Classification presentations:
Dan Cole:
Born in Calgary and his early years he enjoyed school sports and seemed to be a little rebel. After graduation he went onto UofC where he completed a math degree. Travel bug drew him to backpack for 7 months through many countries and he found the best part was to meet new people and see how they lived.
He returned to Calgary and completed his Ba in Education. Moving to Crooked Creek Alberta he taught, met his soon to be wife and started a family. Dan’s wife Vikki and Dan took a sabbatical and both achieved their masters. Returning to Crooked Creek they taught and then planed their next move. The family moved to Camrose when the three children were just young. Then life began to get busy with kids sports and events. The family enjoys hiking and long distance running. They all participate in different marathons and have hiked throughout the Rockies. They all have a love of jokes and make memories having fun. Dan loves to build in his backyard and his home is his castle. Dan has been in Jack Stuart, Sparling and Chester Ronning schools. He is most proud of the Growing the Leaders in Me program and the joint effort with a school in China. Dan’s trip to China made a lasting impression on him. Currently Dan is the BRSD Principal -Numeracy and supports teachers with the math programs. Dan’s passion is to help others. His bucket list included: travel, family, Rotary Projects possibly International projects, mission work and working with the Camrose community.
Jim Rasmussen:
1956-1957 school year Jim was apart of the testing for the Polio vaccine and although he received the placebo, when he did contract Polio he was one of the lucky ones and it didn’t kill him. Through out school years Jim reached many successes but didn’t like school a great deal. He traveled throughout Europe, Turkey, Spain, Germany and Iran. He returned to Canada and started his fiberglass company in Strome, Alberta. As a smart business man, Jim has experiences challenges and successes. His business started out with canoes and grow to pump trucks. He has many interesting stories of projects along the way. He and his wife have 5 children and now their numbers reach 21. He loves golfing and their winter home in Mesa.
Thank you to both Dan and Jim for telling us more about themselves.
Next week’s meeting is cancelled as it is Thanksgiving. Following meeting is an evening meeting.
Chase the Ace draw winner was Jerome Stelar and he chose the K of diamonds.
Jerome lead us through the 4-way test. Have a good week.