Regular meeting September 17, 2018 11:45 am
President Ted Gillespie called the meeting to order with the singing of O’Canada and Rotary Grace.
Introductions of guests. Celia Leathwood a guest of Lou Henderson and Heather Berry who will be inducted next week as a member.
Dinner for Roy. Contact Ted or Lou for details.
Wine Survivor 2 is underway. Committee discussed suggestions from last year and have made a few additions, but the numbers are the same. Tickets will be $20 plus a bottle of wine or $33 and we will go shopping for the wine for you. Tickets available now.
Chase the Ace meeting Monday September 17 at 5:15 at Lou Henderson’s home. All welcome.
Rotary Cares 2019 tickets will be available starting next week.
Shirley reports the Peace Path sign is in production and should be ready soon. Watering may be done but hard to say as the weather is wet now. Kim will be in charge to complete this project and she will request volunteers if needed.
District Conference is October 18-20, 2018 in Edmonton. Several members are planning to attend. If you need more information, please contact Ted or Lou.
Dan Macpherson - Registration night recap. Great for meeting the community. We contacted several possible volunteers and it is a good night to show off our new blow up wheel!
Board Meeting Tuesday night 5:15 at Dawn Anderson’s house.
Membership Dues are overdue. Please contact Grant for payment.
Presenter is Nigel Dube for the Kodiak’s hockey organization.
Nigel Dube- associate coach, 2nd year coaching Kodiaks. Was a past Kodiak in 2008. He has spent time in the USA playing and coaching.
Nigel outlined the current programs that the Kodiaks are focusing on besides the hockey. They wanted to get back into the community and support youth with several programs including:
Kodiaks Cub Club- a reading and physical activity program that encourages students to reach goals and are rewarded with hockey tickets and sports equipment.
Read to succeed – increases reading in the schools by players and helps students reach goals for minutes read.
Special Olympics- players participate with athletes in the off-season playing Basketball, floor hockey and other outdoor sports.
Stollery Night Teddy Bear Toss night is always well received in the community and the players love it too.
The Kodiaks also help out other school fundraisers with free tickets for games and try to support where ever they can.
They also participated with the Little Free Library that Daybreak Rotary project. 6 new ones this year.
Partnered with Camrose Cross Fit club to promote fitness.
The team this year has 8 local players and 10 if you stretch it out to Daysland area. This gives the team a chance to participate with community events outside of hockey season.
AJHL Hockey Showcase is September 27-29. There will be 16 teams in the community over the three days. The showcase increases revenue for hotels, restaurants and other local businesses. Plus, it gives players a chance to be seen by AJHL, NCAA, SHL and NHL Reps.
The team is always looking for volunteers for the showcase and season games. If interested contact Nigel.
The team’s rule – never disrespect your name.
Nigel discussed his trip to China to coach with USA team in July. High lights included the sights, food, people and hockey.  
Nigel received a 50-polio vaccination certificate with our thanks for the presentation.
50/50 drawn and Florence won again but she didn’t pull the ACE this time.
Concluded with the 4-way test.
See you next week. Thank you for coming.