August 20, 2018
Ted Gillespie called the meeting to order at 11:45am. O Canada and Rotary Grace were sung. (like angles).
Guests include: Karen and Barry Taylor, Heather D’Eschambeault and Emily Cole (speaker).
Health of the Club report. All good.
Roy Wallace was greeter and asked for Happy Bucks.
We were happy with:
BBQ contest on the weekend. But the blow-up rides had weight restrictions. Volunteered for the Gord Bramford charity. Very will run event. Edmonton Marathon walked 10km with Destiny Reay and Pat Bonnet. Kids going back to school! Trip to warmer climate makes Jim question the invention of the bikini. Daybreak Rotary is starting up Sewing bee and will need help with several things. Contact Daybreak for more information. Baby coming soon. Cottage life for Gillespie’s.
Club Announcements:
Roy Wallace report from International. Discussion as to how to move forward with funding outline. Kim and Roy discussed three options of how to present funds as we wait for the Global grants we have requested. Club voted on the options presented and agreed with option three.
Shelter Box awarded us a silver Certificate for our contributions between $3600-5000 USF.
Presenter Emily Cole discussed Canoe trip sponsored by our Battle River Communities Funds- Grant.
Emily has extensive experience leading guided trips in both Alberta and Northern Territories. But she feels the North Saskachewan River is home. Emily discussed the trip this year with 18 students from the PACE school, 2 teachers and DARE officer. The Guide team included four members including Emily and the outdoor students from Augustana. The students involved were identified as youth at risk or in a low-income situation. The week-long trip on the North Saskachewan River. This trip helps the youth and support staff connect to themselves and others on a whole new level WITHOUT CELL SERVICE!!!! Each day ends with a story or poem and a question to focus on for everyone. Emily also recognizes the guides from Augustana improved their skills and communication techniques on the trip and it was clear that everyone’s confidence was enhanced. Question for Emily included number of returning students, Food and cooking techniques, and follow up with students who have attended in the past.
Emily extended a HUGE thank you for the support that Rotary gives to this project and that the effect that the program has on youth is invaluable.
Emily was presented with 50 polio vaccine certificates.
Chase the ACE as started with a new deck. And would you believe Florence pulled the ACE and won $9.00. We will start again next week.
Next weeks meeting will be a Club assembly.
Concluded with The Four Way Test. Thank you everyone for attending.