2018-07-23 Rotary Buzz
President Ted Gillespie opened the meeting at 11:45 am with a welcome to all, and Carmen led us in Oh Canada and the Rotary Grace.
Change in Club Administration:
Past President Lou Henderson and current President Ted Gillespie did the ceremonial gavel hand off, signaling the official change in leadership for the 2018 2019 year.  Lou remarked that it was a privilege for her to serve as President, and that she is confident that Ted will do a great job as her successor.
Lou also announced that she will be taking on the role of Assistant Governor for this area, following in the footsteps of Ray Hook.
Introduction of Guests:
  • Pat Tones, guest of Lou, prospective member
Judges Tony Hladun and Grant Burgess asked for Happy Bucks.  No fines today.
  • Thanks to Dawn Anderson for hosting the BBQ on July 16 to meet and greet Mikkel’s family. 
  • Thanks to all Rotary volunteers who came out to support the Camrose Flying Club in hosting the Snowbirds Air Show on Wednesday evening (July 18).  Ron Grue asked Lou to be sure and convey their appreciation.
Club Assembly:
President Ted
  • Ted gave his opening address as President, referring to RI President Barry Rassin’s address to the 2018 Convention in Toronto.  President Rassin stressed the importance of bringing in new members to Rotary, which we have identified as a priority for our Club as well.  The theme this year is “Be the Inspiration”, and Ted urges all of us to inspire one another in our efforts to serve, so that we can engage new members and generate new ideas for service and for fundraising.
  • Ted distributed “Be The Inspiration” pins for each of us
  • A reminder to please complete the District Survey.  This will provide valuable information for the Club Executive, not just for District. 
International Projects Director Roy Wallace
  • update on the Tanga Medical Skills Lab project.  The deadline for submission of the Global Grant application is July 31, and the Rotary Club of Tanga will make the submission by that date.  We are close to getting started!
  • Jamaica Children’s Hospital Incubator project is coming along.  We have applied for a CIP grant in the amount of $20,000.  Once we hear whether or not we are successful, then we will proceed to apply for matching funding from the Canadian Government, then a Global Grant.
  • In partnership with the Emmanuel Foundation, our Club is working with a Rotary Club in Jamaica to arrange to send them surplus hospital beds from an Alberta hospital.  The Jamaica Club will make shipping arrangements and pay the associated costs.  Our role is purely as a conduit to make this happen.
Secretary Kim Boyco
  • Our new Bylaws have been approved by Corporate Registry--Yay!!
  • Thanks to the volunteers for Martha’s Table.  We have one more lunch to serve this Thursday.
  • Rotary has been asked to judge the BVJ parade again this year on Thursday August 2.  David Taylor, Jenn Stone, Jerome Stetar and Jim Rasmussen have agreed to help.  Any one else interested should contact Kim.  A couple more people would be nice. No experience or particular skills required!
Club Service Director Lou Henderson
  • Lou has temporarily taken over publishing The Buzz, as Tina Yarbrough is on a medical leave at this time.  She asked for volunteers to help on a rotating basis, one meeting per month.  Shirley Rostad, Pat Tones and Jenn Stone offered to assist as available.  Ted noted that Tina has done an outstanding job of The Buzz, but cautions that a much simpler version is fine, as this does not need to be a time-consuming and onerous task.
  • Lou provided a brief summary of the research she has done towards investigating the feasibility of our Club taking on a Chase the Ace raffle.  Current AGLC regulations limit the licensing of progressive 50/50 raffles at $10,000 Gross Proceeds.  Other provinces, notably the Maritimes, have allowed such raffles to be licensed with small organizations able to generate significant funds.  Word on the street is that AGLC will eventually change their regulation to allow for the larger raffles.  Lou asked for approval from the members to draft a proposal for our Club to run an electronic-ticketed Chase the Ace raffle modelled on the one run by the Fire Department of New London, PEI.  We would submit the proposal to AGLC as pilot project, and see if we are successful. Motion to this effect was made by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Jenn Stone, carried. Jenn Stone, Florence Blanchette, Roy Wallace volunteered to help Lou prepare the proposal.
50/50 – only 2 cards—Dan Cole was not able to score on his 50/50 chance, and drew the 4 of Clubs. Poor Dan! Only the Ace is left, so we will have a winner next week! The pot is up to $800+.
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, July 30, 2018, 11:45 am
Topic –District Governor, Ingrid Neitsch will be visiting our Club and giving us a presentation on her goals and inspiration for the coming year. Please attend to hear her message, and to show what a vibrant club we have!  Bring guests!!  Good chance to inspire people you know who might be interested in knowing more about Rotary.
Board meeting with DG Ingrid on Monday July 30 at 10am at the regular meeting room in the BW Camrose Resort Casino hotel.
Next week greeters are Dan Macpherson and Maurice Francoeur
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.