2018-07-16 Rotary Buzz
President Ted Gillespie opened the meeting at 11:45 am with a welcome to all, and Carmen led us in Oh Canada and the Rotary Grace.
Introduction of Guests:
  • Pat Tones, guest of Lou, prospective member
  • Kathy Stables, guest of Lou, Lou’s sister
  • Chris Johnson, guest of David Taylor, visiting his son in Camrose from England
  • The Moller family:  Mikkel, Dad Carsten, Mom Lispeth, Big Sister Katherine
  • Donna McShane, wife of John McShane
  • BBQ at Dawn Anderson’s home tonight (July 16) to meet and visit with Mikkel’s family.  They are leaving tomorrow morning to drive through the mountains, across BC to Victoria, then will return to Vancouver for a few days before Mom and Sis fly home.  Mikkel and his Dad will fly to Toronto and visit cousins there for a week before returning to Denmark.
  • Rotary has been asked to do runway security at the Snowbirds Air Show on Wednesday evening (July 18).  Lou has Volunteer Parking passes.  Please arrive early so you can be checked in and in place by 6:00 pm.  12 volunteers were requested, and we have over 20 signed up from both Clubs.  Thanks everyone!
Judge Paul Pedersen asked for Happy Bucks.  No fines today.
Feature Presentation:
Our guest speaker was Petra Schulz representing an Edmonton-based group Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH).  MSTH is a network of Canadian families who have lost a loved one due to substance abuse, or who hope for recovery.
“We call for an end to the failed war on drugs, which is a war on the people we love.  We envision a new approach based on reducing harm, where people who use drugs are treated with respect, compassion and support.” (MSTH promotional card)
Petra lost her son in 2014 from a Fentanyl overdose.  He was only 25.  Petra shared a bit of her son’s history with substance abuse, and told us that most kids who take drugs have experiences some sort of significant trauma in their childhood, or suffer from some form of mental health issues.  The opioid crisis is real, and can affect any family from any culture and any level of income.  The continuing stigma associated with substance addiction contributes to the difficulty addicts have in getting clean, as they do not feel they can ask for help.  The most toxic of the opioids are fentanyl (50% stronger than morphine) and carfentanyl which is stronger yet. Opioid receptors induce a sense of well-being, but also inhibit breathing, which can cause death. There is a high risk of relapse after rehabilitation, creating an ongoing struggle for an addict to stay clean.
MSTH advocates for a harm reduction strategy promoting the use of Naloxone which can be used to reverse an overdose.  Like first aid, this drug is complete safe and can made the difference between life and death.  Alberta has the widest distribution of free Naloxone kits in the country (available at most pharmacies (drugsafe.ca)) but gaps still exist, especially in rural and First Nations communities and jails.
Many experts across Canada are trying to address this problem and are asking the
government to develop policies (laws and regulations) to help prevent the number of
deaths from increasing in a few different ways:
1) Prevention – stopping it before it happens – school education programs; education and new rules for doctors about prescribing
2) Treatment – prescribing mediations like methadone or suboxone to individuals who have opioid use disorder & more health care providers to prescribe; treatment centers
3) Harm Reduction – like wearing a seatbelt in a car – we assume that a certain number of people will drive cars so we provide support to try to reduce the negative consequences of drug use
4) Enforcement – supply and distribution – police and border patrol
MSTH believes in the power of parent advocacy, and in building a support system for families enduring the grief of having a loved one at risk, or having lost a family member.
For more information, look them up at:www.MomsStopTheHarm.com
Dawn Anderson thanked Petra and presented her with a Polio Immunization certificate in recognition of her time in coming to speak with us today.
50/50 – only 3 cards—Ron Grue had the lucky ticket, but could not draw the Ace!  Down to 2 cards next week! The pot is up to $800+.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm(ish). 
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, July 23, 2018, 11:45 am.
Topic – Club Assembly, discussions on various Rotary business items
Next week greeters are Tony Hladun and Grant Burgess