2018-23-04 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Speaker -Tony Hladun
Topic -Pipeline Technology
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
Guests -  Deanne Hladun, Dan and Vicki Cole
Health of the Club – Roy F. is at home in Camrose.
  • Gala Update:
    • We struggled with ticket sales but we sold a total of 157.
    • An estimated $28-30,000 was raised.
    • One small hiccup occurred regarding cleanup as Dawn forgot to schedule it.  Thanks to those who stayed later to help with it.
    • A few concerns arose regarding the date for the gala.  a discussion will be needed.
Member Induction - Dan Cole, proposed by Dan Macpherson
Dan has been a resident of Camrose for the past 22 years.  He is married to Vicki and they have 3 children.  Dan works for the Battle River School Division as Division Principle and his wife is a 4th year Education at the U of A.  He has been the principal at Jack Stewart and Chester Ronning Schools.
Dan enjoys running, he previously ran a 10k in Banff, hiking, fishing, and traveling (he has visited over 30 countries).
Feature Presentation:
Tony Hladun, Pipeline Technology
Canada is the world's fourth-largest producer of oil behind the US, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  Yet there still seems to be misconceptions that continue to persist about this industry.  Tony sets out to sort some of these myths straight.
Pipelines are inherently dangerous.
There are inherent dangers to just about everything.  But pipelines are the safest way to transport energy.  During construction, testing is in place of the pipe fabrication and steel manufacturing.  Application of coatings to the pipeline for corrosion is done. 
For leak detection, once the pipe is put in the ground, there are internal and external detection technologies that are in place such as video monitoring sensor hoses and pressure point analysis among many others.
The world is going away from fossil fuels and developing economies are going green.
The global demand for oil is 100 million barrels per day is being consumed.  A big producer of oil, the US, produces 15.5 million barrels but they consume 20 million.
The developing countries of China and India both use 72%  of coal for their electricity.  Apparently, no one told them they were supposed to go green.
Cars are going electric.
Though electric cars are on the rise, in 2017 76.33 million vehicles were produced that use gas or diesel.  That isn't including vehicles that are already on the road.  There are currently 1 billion vehicles in the world.
Alberta can easily switch to a new economy.
The oil and gas make up 18% of our industries.  It's a little number and one would think it would be easy to switch to something else.  What people don't take into account is that it is Alberta's number one revenue generating machine.  Replacing that is a little bit harder.
BC is a green leader.
The fact is BC exported 36.8 million tonnes of coal last year which is equivalent to 650,000 barrels of oil per day in CO2.
Tony's Predictions:
  • The government will do lots of talking about our energy and the pipeline but there will be no action.
  • Provinces will disagree because our economies are very different.
  • Many lawyers will become very rich because this will become a constitutional issue.
  • Farmers will suffer because railways will be used to ship oil instead of their crops.
  • Alberta is the largest producer of oil and will sell to the US because they are the only friend we have.
  • Canada will lose economic benefits because we sell at a discount and we buy at a premium.
50/50 – The pot is over $640.  Grant Burgess drew the Queen of Clubs.
Meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm.
Next meeting - Evening Meeting, May 14, 2018, 6:00 pm. 
Speaker - Bill Harder Topic - Hospice
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