Posted by Tina Yarbrough
 2018-01-29 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Speaker -Dan Macpherson
Topic -Membership

Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
  • Morris Henderson
  • Hal Koop
  • Donna McShane
Health of the Club - Roy Fearon is currently in intensive care in Edmonton having a tough battle with double pneumonia. While the prognosis at this point is uncertain, please keep Roy in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Sign-up sheets for "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" opportunity on Feb. 9, 10 and 11.  Please contact Sheila Herle if you are interested in hosting or attending the event.
  • A sign-up sheet for Oil Kings game on February 25, 2018.  Please contact Dawn Anderson if Interested.  Tickets are $29 with $11 going to Polio plus.
  • Rotary Cares Tickets-eleven tickets are unsold.  We will try to sell them at a discounted price.  Please contact Lou.
  • Invitation to attend Awards Banquet at Augustana Tuesday, February 27, 2018.  There are two tickets.  Lou is going so there is one left.  If anybody is interested in going, please contact Lou.
Happy Bucks
  • David Taylor - He and Elaine attended their first Congress Dinner and had a fantastic time.   The highlight was the first nations comedian entertainer.
  • Lou Henderson - Thankful Dawn drove a group to Ice on Whyte and dinner afterward which was on her birthday.
  • Dan Macpherson - Last week he "fixed" his wife's car, tonight he will be fixing it again hopefully for the last time.
  • Ron Grue - Leaving for Honduras on the 31st.  Hopeful the school will be built in two months.
  • Jerome Stetar - back after 5 1/2 weeks on the coast and he sold his boat for a wad of $100 bills.
  • Ray Hook - January 26 was Australia Day, and they hung their Australian flag.  He talked to friends that they met for Friendship Exchange in Australia and hoping to meet up in Toronto Convention.
  • Tony Hladun - paid fine for forgetting he was the greeter.


"That the club donate $5,000 CAD to the Gordon & Diane Buchanan Family Foundation with funds to be used for the school build in the St. Helene Adopt a Village project managed by the Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora."

  • The donation will be made to the Buchanan Foundation as they are providing the matching funds.

  • Motion carried 17:3
Speaker - Dan Macpherson
Topic - Membership
For us, as Rotarians, to look for opportunities to approach others, we must first look inwards.  Dan asked, "What does rotary mean to you?"  He recounted what it meant for Dan, but he challenged us to share amongst our tables what it meant to each of us as Camrose Rotarians.
We all know what we do as Rotarians.  What our problem is, is articulating that to other non-Rotarians.  If our goal is to get new members, we must translate what we do and why we do it in a way that engages them.  We need to work on our "elevator speech".
We can use what we brainstormed as a baseline for coming up with ideas and concepts of what we would like to tell prospective members what Rotary means to us and what it could mean to them.  Dan has made up brochures and on the front is a certificate you can give out that is a complimentary meeting fee and meal.  You can give these out to prospective members as you invite them to come and experience what Rotary is.      
Rotary Cares Draw -  #154 Ray Bosche sold by Donna Phillips
50/50 - $549  Tina Yarbrough drew the King of Spades.
Meeting adjourned at 1:03 pm.
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, February 5, 2018, 11:45 am.
Dawn Anderson 
Topic - Gaming Industry
Camrose Resort and Casino
Greeters - Paul Pederson and Roy Wallace