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2017-09-18 Rotary Buzz - Noon  Meeting
Speaker - Randall Nichol - Camrose Resort and Casino
Ray opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
Guests - Ken Rostad
Health of the Club -  good.
  • November 20th is the evening meeting featuring our Canada 150 speakers.  We will also be having our regular noon meeting, and it will be a planning session to discuss our major fundraiser and if we need to shift what we are doing.
  • November 13th, the DG will be coming, and he will be our speaker that night.
  • We are working on updating the policy for using RI Points as a tool to use as grant Paul Harris Fellows.
  • Ted, Donna, and Tina will be finalizing the Bylaws by RI guidelines.
  • Rotary Casino is on February 16-17.  Kim Boyco will be chairing and is looking for volunteers.  There are volunteer applications for the positions of General Manager, Alternate General Manager, Banker, Cashier and Count Room Supervisor.
  • There has only been one application for the Rotary Youth Exchange, and it was below the standards of what the Committee would like.  The Executive Board has passed a motion to postpone this year's exchange and may start promoting in spring 2018 for the year 2019-2020.  There have been several clubs in the District that won't be participating in the Exchange this year most likely due to safety reasons with events happening in Europe.
  • Rotary Cares tickets are still available.  Please give your money to Ted and not Grant as he needs to keep track of the money with the tickets.
Happy Bucks
  • Dan - Went to see Pink Floyd but did not spend $1600 for front seats though he was tempted.
  • Donna - for the BRCF Dinner and the very deserving Ken and Shirley Rostad.
  • Jenn - Celebrating 25 Wedding Anniversary.  She and Paul are off to Vancouver to watch her oldest daughter play in finals for soccer.  Her team has never made it this far, and this is Micaela's last year to play.
  • Dawn - Gavin was named Baseball Alberta PeeWee AAA Player of the Year for the third year in a row playing in three different leagues.
  • Ted - Celebrating his 30th Wedding Anniversary.  His daughter is returning from Europe on Thursday.
  • Jim - Had 6-week check-up on his knee, and the doctor is very pleased how well he's walking around.
  • Carman - Happy Ray stayed on track with the meeting.  He had an excellent night at the BRCF Dinner and suggested as a fundraiser we should sell Shirley's pies that went for $2000 a piece.
  • Shirley - Her and Ken were humbled and honored to be chosen for BRCF.  They had their kids there and three tables of extended family.
  • Kim - She leaves Friday to go to Guelph, Ontario to see grandkids.
  • Ray - BRCF was a wonderful night, and both Shirley and Ken are very deserving of it.
Speaker - Randall Nichol, Augustana Student Life
Randall is the Executive Director of Student Life at Augustana.  His role is to oversee and help to create a great student experience at the university.  Because he provides services outside the classroom, Dean Berger has asked him to work closely with Associate Dean of Academics, Karsten Mundel and to become BFF's.  Randall and Karsten have been working together these 15 months and have come to the understanding BFF mean Best Friends until Friday and restart each week. 
The background Randall uses to create these services and programs that provide support for students is focusing on the fact that these same students are, by and large, adults.  Some 17-year olds are coming straight out of high school, but it provides a range of services that work for all the students by finding balance.
The program offers many services such as the PogoCars.  It is a rideshare program that supplements the bus service and provides flexibility for the students.  Augustana has three cars available for an hour or longer for students and teachers to rent to run their errands.  Watch out because they are probably speeding to get things done within an hour.
UAPS is the university protection services which is essential for students and families coming to Augustana.
The most significant change is to the Academic Calendar.  Before Randall started, there was some research done working with Quest University in Squamish, B.C.  Instead of a 14 week semester they are using a hybrid model of a 3-week block where 1 class is taken which is taught for 3 hours per day.  The eleven-week block would round out the semester.  The three-week block, Randall explains, would for very intensive study or for travel related courses such as the International Development Study that go to Cuba or some other place.  It is an experiential learning type of opportunity.
The primary focus for Randall is the First-year Seminar for all new students to Augustana.  It helps transition first years from high school to university.  Typically a student would come for orientation and have a 72-hour "firehose."  All information a student needed was fired at them, and they were expected to remember and process it all, and it most likely was lost on them.  Instead of being spread out over three days it is spread out over three weeks.
This seminar centered around themes the professors excited about.  It is not content driven but consists of 13 different classes that all have the same outcome.  Students have an Orientation Passport and are expected to attend 6 events and complete 1 assignment that counts as 10% of their first-year seminar mark. 
The students do give feedback on what they did.  Not all feedback is positive, but Randall's thought is that what is happening is exactly what they (Augustana) want.  It is rattling the student's worldview and challenging their thinking, which can be very uncomfortable. 
For now, one of Randall's key focus moving forward is to tweak the program and have something for returning students experience better.  They are facing transitions from the first year to the second year, living off campus and graduation to their next steps.  We wish Randall continued success in his endeavors, and to the students he is there to assist. 
Ray gave us a quiz celebrating Canada's 150 with two bottles of wine as a prize.  Dan and Donna both won a bottle on getting 17 questions correct out of 30.  Apparently, some Social Studies is in order.
50/50 -  Ray drew the 6 of Diamonds.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, October 30, 2017, 
Canada 150 Speaker Series
Speaker - Dr. Rod MacLeod on Sam Steele 
Norsemen Inn