Posted on Sep 26, 2017
2017-09-18 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Speaker - Jeff Bonnar, Jumpstart - Camrose Resort and Casino
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
Health of the Club -  good.
  • Donna McShane
  • Hospice Society is hosting a symposium October 17, 2017, at the Norseman and keynote speaker is Jodie Carrington - Compassionate Communities:  How can we help our grieving children?
  • There is a schedule for Days for Girl's program on the table and everyone was sent an email last week if anyone is interested.
  • Rotary Cares tickets are available and you can get them from Ted.
  • District Conference is this week, Sept. 28-Oct.1,  The District has organized a bus to leave at Edmonton  9:00 am Thursday morning to Fort MacMurray and leaving Fort Mac Sunday at 9-10am and arriving in Edmonton about 3-4pm.  If anyone is interested in taking the bus, please contact Terry Demers at, 780-893-8683. Cost is $120 per person, which includes return transportation, a sandwich and drink and a movie.  
  • Environmental Committee meeting is Wednesday 9:00 am at Smitty's.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Committee meeting is Wednesday 7:30 pm at Donna Phillips' house.
  • Fellowship Committee is meeting is Wednesday 6:00 pm at Shirley Rostad's house.
  • Wine Survivor Sign-up sheets are available if anyone is interested.  Cutoff date is November 3, 2017, and the winner's announced November 13, 2017.  Please let Lou know next week if you have a team or individuals that would like to participate so we know how many more tickets we can give out.
  • District Fall Learning is November 3-4, 2017, at the Chateau Louis in Edmonton.
  • Everyone who put in time and effort into the Rotary Gala is greatly appreciated, however, after 20 years we need to take a look at this event.
  • After the last few years, the revenues have gone down, attendance is dwindling not because of lack of effort.
  • The community is changing, the event itself is on the old side.  The stark reality is that we need to make a change.  Many other groups and organizations are realizing the same thing and are also looking at changing their events.
  • As a club, we need to reevaluate and look at different things going forward.
  • Dan is looking for 5 individuals to meet in October to brainstorm ideas, different ways to come up with concepts to move forward.
  • The community has changed and we need to change in accordance with the way we do things in order to have the community help us in what we do.
  • Rotary International has a long-standing partnership with Shelter Box and with our hurricane season and earthquake in Mexico, Shelter Box is stretched to the limit.
  • Rotary Club of Camrose has a budget of $1300 to contribute which will purchase one shelter box.
  • At the executive meeting, we made a motion to transfer $1300 from the Kiva fund we are looking at doing in order to purchase another Shelter Box.  So we will purchase two in total.
  • A personal challenge to everyone to donate to Shelter Box, if they can, would be great.  Both Donna and her husband and Ted and his wife have donated to Shelter Box.
  • Donating is easy.  You just go to the Shelter Box website, there is a big donate button on the screen.
  • The Program Committee is responsible for getting speakers for the meetings.  Canda has been celebrating 150 years and the Rotary club, in his mind, hasn't done very much. That is about to change.
  • The Canada 150 Series was proposed.  The idea is to have great Canadians from this part of Canada come and speak at the meetings. It would also be opened to the public to attend much like the meeting of Ray Muzyka. 
  • In support of our Presidents objectives for the year, it will:  improve our public image, be of service to our community and to increase our membership.
  • Some of the speakers will be:
    • Grant MacEwan - Max Foran, son in law will talk about this great man. October 16, 2017, meeting.
    • Sam Steele - Dr. McCloud, at the UofA, will talk about the leader of the Northwest Mounted Police and RCMP.  He was very important in the opening up of the West.  October 30, 2017, meeting.
    • Chester Ronning - David Goebel, founder of Ronning Center at Augustana will speak.
    • Poundmaker - Dr. Sim from Augustana.
    • Norman Kwong - John Short who had his own radio show will speak about him.
    • The Famous Five 
  • These are just some of the Great Canadians we will hear about and planning is still going on.  
  • We hope you are very excited about this and hope you bring someone to these meetings.
Presentation - Jeff Bonnar, Jumpstart Program
Jumpstart Charity is affiliated with Canadian Tire and is one of Canada's well-known charities. It was originally named the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families (that's a mouthful!) and was changed to Jumpstart 11 years ago.  They have 311 Chapters across Canada and the Territories, the Chair of the Camrose Chapter is Dave Jewel.  Jumpstart and Canadian Tire have a family of partners that contribute, in Camrose, it is Sportchek as well as some community partners.  Nationally, Jumpstart has raised $20 million dollars and Camrose has raised $31,000.  Every dollar Camrose raises stays in Camrose.
Jumpstart's guiding principle is to help with financial barriers keeping many kids from participating in sports and physical activity.  They help kids from the age of 4 through to the age of 18 get into organized sports. Throughout the year, they raise funds, work with community partners to identify families in need and assist in the costs associated with registration, equipment, and transportation.  Jumpstart also provides financial support for community-based initiatives that expand access to sports and physical activity programs.  What you should note is that Jumpstart has a privacy policy.  All information is given to the Charity itself and not to Canadian Tire.
Partners of Jumpstart
Jumpstart has two large Programs.  One is the Individual Child program where the focus is on the child being part of a registered program and the other is the Community Development Program.  It benefits not just the individual but a group as well.  these groups are underprivileged or underrepresented, such as newcomers, kids in rural communities, kids with disabilities or girls playing in traditionally boys sports.  This helps level the playing field for kids.
This year, Jumpstart has helped 220 thousand kids.  Camrose Chapter has helped 154 kids.  There number one biggest was helping the Boy's and Girl's Club.  Last week, Canadian Tire Corporation has donated $50 million dollars to the program Play Finds a Way, removing barriers to kids with disabilities.  The money will go towards renovating playgrounds, rinks, and pools to be more accessible to those kids with needs. 
Since its inception, 1.5 million kids have been helped "get in the game".  Jeff is not part of the Board at Jumpstart but is a willing participant in helping these kids get out and play and is "quite an honour to be a part of".  As parents and grandparents, there is nothing sweeter in the world than the smile of a child at play.
Rotary Cares Raffle - Elaine Mayer sold by Norm Mayer
50/50 -  Donna McShane pulled the 4 of diamonds.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, October 2, 2017, 
Speaker - Mike  Leathwood, CEO, and President of Bethany Group 
Meeting held at Brookside 4501 - 47 Street