Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Sep 11, 2017
2017-09-11 Rotary Buzz – Evening Meeting
Best Western Plus Camrose Resort Casino
Lisa opened meeting at 6:00 pm
Health of the Club – Daybreak:  Joy Leblanc's husband, Peter LeBlanc, is seriously ill.
                                Noon Club:  Don Rebus' mother passed away Monday morning.
                                                    Jim Rasmussen is recovering from his knee surgery and hopes to be back next meeting.
Introduction of Guests:
  • Ken Rohr
  • Kelly Falardo
  • Jadene Mah
  • Wendy Andrews
  • Donna Ducommun
  • Neil Parker
  • Betty Mayer
  • Leslie Stoddard
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Darren Herle
  • Daron Yarbrough
Announcements - Daybreak
  • District Conference - Fort McMurray, September 28-30, 2017
    • Lou has been in contact with a bus company, so if there is enough interest, that would be an option instead of driving up on your own.  There is also carpooling if there aren't enough people.
    • It would be $75 per person for the bus.
    • Please let Lisa or Lou know if you are going so we can coordinate as a group.
  • Flag Project - flags are slowly making their way into storage.
    • flags need to be brought back if you're storing them yourselves because they need to be inventoried and see what supplies are needed and what flags need to be replaced.
    • Thanks to all Rotarians for the help in the Flag Project.
  • Board Meeting - September 19, 2017, 7am.
Noon Club
  • Notice of Motion -
    • 1. M/S by Sheila Herle and Roy Wallace that the Rotary Club of Camrose donates $2000 to the District 5040 BC Wildfire Relief Fund.
    • 2. M/S by Sheila Herle and Kim Boyco that the Rotary Clubs of Camrose jointly sponsor a Wine Survivor raffle, with proceeds of up to $6000 to be shared equally between both clubs.  The proceeds will be targeted towards public image, community awareness, and membership recruitment.
      • It is just a fun, internal fundraiser for members and friends.  There is no pressure to go out and sell tickets to the public.
      • 300 tickets to be sold for $20 and a bottle of wine.  The cutoff date is November 3, 2017.  Teams of 5 will be made, names will be drawn and that person will be kicked off Wine Island.  Even if you have been eliminated, if you still have one member of your team still in the game you are still eligible to win.  This name pulling will continue until there is one team left and that will be the winning team.  The winning team will win all the wine, to be dispersed among the team however they see fit.  There will be consolation prizes for the first team kicked off, 10 bottles of wine.
  • Fireside - Dawn Anderson is hosting a Fireside September 20, 2017, at 7 pm,  Jeff Bonnar, Brian Lieble, Grant Gillot and Tina Yarbrough will be attending.  Rotarians are welcome to attend.
    • She will have a sign-up sheet next Monday meeting to see how many will attend.
    • New Daybreak club members are welcome to attend.
  • Board meeting - Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at the Casino.
Happy Bucks
  • Lou - spent a whirlwind four days with her daughters in St.John's, Newfoundland.  The weather was good.
  • Donna - she missed 9 meetings as she spent the summer at the cottage in Saskatchewan.
  • Larry - going on a South American cruise and will end up in Rio 8 days later.
  • John - his daughter in Houston with the flood was not declared homeless.
  • Paul - on behalf of Jim Rasmussen, for his knee surgery last Tuesday and who hopes will be back at Rotary next Monday.
  • Dawn - Gavin had an incredible ball season and his level of maturity and leadership with his team.  Her new, old home after two months of gutting and renovating, she is in her element.
  • Jenn - glad she was able to come with work being so busy, her daughter got married and she (Jenn) pulled it off in two weeks under $2000 and her husband started soccer season with the Vikings.
  • Paige - Terry Fox Run happening this weekend and she is taking sponsors and inviting people to come out for this great cause.
  • Maurice - had his brothers come and play golf with him in the Brother's Tournament.  He and Gloria are taking a cruise to Australia and will be there for a month before coming back to jump in the car and go south for the winter.
       Maurice Francoeur fined:
  • Larry and Patrice Johnson for coming out with a cookbook that relies on the current Federal Government Legislative approval.
  • Paul Pederson for the Eskimos not doing well.
  • Everyone living west of 49th Street and east of the ponds for the convenience they will experience during construction of the tunnel.
Presentation - Kelly Falardo
Kelly did an event for Blankets for Burn Kids, called Jump for Kamp Kids.  She asked people to raise a minimum of $1000 for the charity and they would get to skydive for free.  At the skydive, Kelly gave out fun awards but she thought she should give out one more award - Best Team.  Lisa Rohr, Destiny Reay, and Tina Yarbrough raised $3600 within two weeks.  Kelly was able to raise a total of $13, 000 to go towards giving blankets away at Camp Kiwanis.  Lisa, Destiny, and Tina were given A blanket of their own and a card of thanks, as well as a gold trophy.
Speakers - Wendy Andrews and Donna Ducommun, Adopt a Village Project
Wendy and Donna are from the Edmonton Royal Glenora club.  Lisa, Carole, and Destiny first met them at the Westlock District Conference in the House of Friendship.  They believed then that this was a project they could get behind.  Adopt a Village is just starting but has had many years in the planning and conceptualizing.
Three to four years ago then incoming DG, Betty Screpnek met with the incoming DG of Belize and Honduras, Carmen Villalta.  Both of them decided 2 playgrounds should be built-in Honduras.  Betty came back and asked Wendy if she could put this together.  Wendy hesitantly believed so.  And so it was done.  One of the playgrounds was installed on the island of Roatan, in the community of St. Helene's.
St. Helene's is located on the east side of Roatan, consists of 1200 people and is inaccessible by land and the playground was barged over.  A week was spent putting this playground together and it gave them a window to see what this community was really like.  There is no potable water, the schools, and education system is in serious need of an overhaul, there are no jobs so there is no economic development.  
It was Rotarians and as Rotarians, they couldn't walk away.  So with several other clubs, the Edmonton Glenora Club decided there was a lot to do so the only thing was to adopt the whole village.  Wendy is glad to be speaking to our clubs as the noon club has experience with adopting a village in Belize and the Glenora club is excited to be on this journey themselves.  Grande Prairie is one of the clubs that is partnering with them in this project.  The Glenora club adopted the village in the fall of 2015 and immediately worked with the community and the host club of Roatan who is made up of half ex-pats and half Hondurans.  They have come up with a needs assessment and their first priority is water and their education system was in disarray.  Other areas they want to address is Economic development, Micro Finance, and Adult Vocation.  
Other groups in the past have come in and have thrown the ball over the fence and walked away.  There have been attempts to get water and attempts to do schooling but no one has stayed around long enough to make sure the community is able to move forward.  The goal of Glenora is sustainability in the overall project. They project it to be a 5-year plan and Global grant is a key factor in this. 
They have large cisterns there that were rolled up the hill by the women of the village.  A grant was just approved to drill two wells to do water distribution and a wash program.  It is a training program for the whole village, for families to learn hygiene and how they are going to manage this new resource.  Another grant was just approved for education and it will go towards teacher training and they have a vocational training team built into the global grant, technical support and school resources because they have nothing in their classrooms.  This is what they are calling their First Phase.  The Second Phase is going to be economically based which they are sussing out at the present time and continue with water sanitation and disposal of the water as well as vocational training.
The Power Partners, as Wendy calls them, include a few clubs from the US who have worked with Roatan in past years on other water projects, some smaller household filtration projects.  It has been a benefit for Glenora to have their experience with water projects as well as working with Roatan.  They also are working with a private electric company, Rico, out of Texas based in Roatan that will lay an underground cable from their base over to St. Helene's.  They are also going to lay fiber optics for the village's educational purposes.  
One of the key partners is the municipalities of Roatan.  Whatever the barriers were, now that they know groups are trying to help St. Helene's, people are coming forward and offering whatever services are needed.  Another partner is the CARE group.  they are responsible for taking the military rations and bringing them over to Germany and Europe to feed the people after the war ended.  CARE has developed into a comprehensive community development NGO.  Rotary International is looking into partnering with CARE  Worldwide to see how it would work.  Care Honduras has been in Honduras for 56 years and they know what the best practices are.  Glenora has started talks with Habitat for Humanity.  The problem with St. Helene's is that there is nowhere for the teachers to live and the children are getting a very limited education.
Grants are a big part of this project.  The water grant started with $37,500 from a private donor and through grants became $150,000.  The Education grant saw a similar result.  With the power of Rotarians,  money grows.  The Glenora club has taken an interest in the Daybreaks project, Days for Girls and is now overlaying all communities they help with this project.  As it pertains to St. Helene's they will be implementing it as an economic opportunity to have the women and children make kits themselves.
The Glenora Club is excited to undertake Adopt a Village project.  It also offers many components for other clubs to partner in and to become passionate about.  They are asking for clubs to donate $5000 a year for five years to see this through or to just donate once because every bit helps.  Another opportunity is to travel to Roatan and work in this village on whatever project, after 4 or 5 days, you can travel to the west end of the island and enjoy the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world.  Work, play, and service above self.  Life as a Rotarian is so difficult.
50/50 Draw - Lou won $24
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm
Next meeting - Noon Meeting, Sept. 18, 2017, Camrose Resort Casino
Speaker - Ashley White, Year in Austria