Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Aug 28, 2017
Club Assembly
Meeting called to order at 11:45 am.
Guests - Morris Henderson
Health of the club - good.
  • Notice of Motion:
    • District 5040 (BC) has asked for donations to their Fire Relief Fund.  Funds will be given to the Rotary Club and they will disburse it.  
      • The Board has agreed to donate $2000. Sheila moved and Roy seconded.
      • Voting will be the next lunch meeting.
  • District Conference in Fort McMurray is September 28-30, 2017
    • They are very excited to host and have been phoning all Club Presidents to encourage their members to attend.
    • There is the potential option of getting bus transportation. Lou is looking into it.
    • David Taylor has offered to take people.  Car pooling is an option.
  • DG will be visiting Camrose November 13, 2017.  It is the holiday Monday as well as a joint meeting.  Members are invited to accompany the tour.
    • Meeting with the Executive Board at 4:00 pm.
    • Evening joint meeting at 6:00 pm.
    • Meeting with Executive Board Daybreak Club at 7:00 am.
    • Tour of Camrose at 10:00 am.  
    • Lunch.
  • Rotary wants clubs to track volunteer hours better.  We're such a large organization and make such an impact, they want the clubs to start tracking members hours doing service projects.
    • For this club, when we do service projects, the Lead of the project will track volunteers hours and coordinate with Lou, who will then input it into Rotary Central.
    • If members are participating in projects outside of Rotary, let Lou know and she will input those as well.
    • So far over the summer, we have done Martha's Table, the Rotary Park, and the BVJ parade.
  • August is Membership Month and our numbers are somewhat down.  Please look around at the people you know who you think would make a good Rotarian, and invite them to a lunch or a dinner.  After all, it's a free meal.  Just make that one invitation.
    • Dan is in the process of updating the Club Brochure and working on Prospective Member Package.  as soon as that's ready, it will be available for you to give to the people you invite.
    • Community Registration Night is September 7, 2017, and Rotary will have a presence there with Dan, Jenn, Tina, and Lou.
  • Fundraising
    • Rotary Cares Raffle license has been submitted and approved, they are printed and Lou just has to pick them up and will be ready to distribute in September
    • Casino date is February 16-17, 2018, it is the Friday and Saturday of Family Day weekend.  
      • We need a Gaming Chair Person.  The last one was Morris Henderson, who is no longer with our club.  It is not an onerous or complicated job.  they just need to submit the application, be a liaison with ALGC and with the Casino Advisor.  Lou is already in contact with an Advisor from Wetaskiwin who assures Lou she will help them and go through everything they need to know.
      • We need 10 workers per day.
  • Directors are asked to set up meetings with their committees to get input and/or ideas from their respective members.
  • We need volunteers to help water the trees at Rotary Park and commit one hour, one day a week to help out Dan and Brian who have been doing it.  Brian does Monday evening and Dan does Wednesday evening and Saturday, so if people can do it the other days, it would be very much appreciated.
  • The Battle River Community Foundation is honoring one of our own, Shirley and Ken Rostad, at their Community Builder's Dinner on October 20, 2017, a Friday night.  It would be wonderful to have Rotarians supporting them, so if you would like tickets to attend please let Lou know so she can request some tickets.  Lou is not taking any money as this is a BRCF Dinner, she just needs to know how many tickets she can ask them to set aside.
Happy Bucks
  • Tina - In the spirit of Dan, gave a happy and sad buck for getting in and out of Canada Passport Office in under an hour and having to return the next day for her daughter's passport because she forgot documentation and the fire alarm went off in the building.
  • Jeff - He is wearing his Saskatchewan Roughrider shirt and he cleaned out his garage and can now park a car inside.
  • Shirley - has a new great-nephew.  The trees are looking awesome even Ashley's Charlie Brown tree.
  • Leroy - glad to be back.  He spent the two weeks in Detroit and 42 days on Vancouver Island.  Also, a Thank-You buck for the projects Rotary has been doing.
  • Sheila - Only had to feed herself once last week as she was invited to dine with others.  She had a great day at Gull Lake.
  • Maurice - has done a marvelous job of doing no work since being retired.  He Drove to the coast through the smoke, had no power or internet, had to get a permit to drive back through the smoke to get his daughter and son back to work.  He has been to the Fringe and was down in Rosebud out with the RV Group.
  • Jim - He was in Banff with his son and his family who were visiting.  He is having his knee replaced and should be in recovery.
  • Ray - went to see the musical, Spitfire Grill in Rosebud.  $75 gets you a matinee and a wonderful buffet. It will be running until later September.
  • Lou - She and Morris spent the weekend doing the Prairie Fun Days.  They did the North part on Saturday and the South on Sunday.  She and her girls are leaving at midnight, taking a quick jaunt to St. Johns, Newfoundland.  It has been quite a while since she's had a trip with both girls.
  • Jeff - fined himself for knowingly wearing a Saskatchewan Roughrider shirt.
Paul Harris Award Winners
  • Grant Burgess
  • Lou Henderson
  • Paul Pederson
Game of Jeopardy
Just like the game show, our host, Morris Henderson, will read the answer.  Our teams, Team Blue, Team Red and Team Gold, will give their "answer" in the form of a question.  Our lovely Lou is the score keeper and our sound effects/"Vanna White"/judge is Tina.  The questions and answers are all centered around Rotary, of course.  The topics include Rotary 101-The Basics, Little Known Facts, History Lesson and RI Foundation.  We played a few dummy rounds to get the hang of it before serious play began.  
The prize:  a bag of chocolate bars and 200 Foundation points per person.  The teams were intense and knowledgeable, except for Team Gold who I believe member, Ray Hook, was distracting them.  At one point, Ray wanted to answer before even hearing the question and lost his team 500pts of which they didn't have any, to begin with.  Thankfully, Team Gold did answer a question worth 500 pts and brought them back up to 0.  At the end of the round, Team Red had a score of 1400, Team Blue had 400, which was surprising because, in the dummy round, they didn't do very well and trailing was Team Gold with 0 (and we know why that was!).  
Moving into Final Jeopardy, each team could wager all or a portion of their points on the one final question.  Red wagered 400, Blue wagered 400 and gold borrowed from red and wagered 500.  All teams answered correctly, but it was Team Red that won the game.  Team Blue and Team Gold were awarded the consolation prize of 100 Foundation Points per person.  Congratulations to all!
Rotary Cares Draw - won by Blaine Fowler and sold by Ted Gillespie.
50/50 Draw - Sheila won but drew the 9 of Diamonds.
September 4 meeting is canceled due to the long weekend.
Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 pm
Next meeting - September 11, 2017, Evening Meeting
Speaker  - TBA
Meeting Dates for 2017 - 2018 will be emailed.