Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Aug 14, 2017
2017-08-14 Rotary Buzz – Evening Meeting
Best Western Plus Camrose Resort & Casino
Lou opened meeting at 6:00 pm
Health of the Club – Good.
Introduction of Guests:
  • Ken Rohr
  • Nigel Dube
  • Daron Yarbrough
  • Leslie Stoddard
  • Peter White
  • Ken Rostad
  • Gerry Blanchette
  • Visiting Rotarians Chris Johnson and his wife.
  • The BVJ Parade was a great success.  Rotary Presidents, Lou Henderson and Lisa Rohr, rode in the truck driven by Maurice Francoeur and Ken Drever.  We had many Rotarians walking with the groups we support, reinforcing our presence in the community giving out lollipops with a coupon for the Best Western.
  • We also had a Facebook Contest trying to raise our Social media presence and Gabrielle MacDougall won two tickets to the BVJ Kick-off and a Canada 150 Adirondack chair donated by Canadian Tire.
  • Stoney Creek tree planting is done for the year.  14 trees were planted on Tuesday and tamped mulched and watered on Wednesday.  Thanks to the two hard working groups that came and volunteered. 
  • Thanks to David Stolee for helping Shirley put the trees in place and thanks to Dan and Brian for watering the trees.  Shirley, with the help of Dan, will be working on the sign for the trees.
  • With the 14 trees plus the four trees planted by the city, there are only 28 trees to be planted next year.
Carol Davies-Peterson and Anna Harder
  • Days for Girls is a project the Daybreak Club supports.  It is a worldwide organization that makes reusable, sustainable feminine hygiene kits for girls in third world countries.  They are raffling off a quilt as a fundraiser and will run until November 25, the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  Tickets are $5 for 1 ticket or $20 for 5 tickets.
Happy Bucks
  • Tina – went skydiving with her fellow Rotarians from the Daybreak Club, Lisa Rohr, and Destiny Reay.  Was part of the tree planting party on Tuesday and happy her husband came along to finish digging the holes.  She celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary on Aug. 9.
  • Shirley – Kids came down for the long weekend.  She got to make her granddaughter a birthday cake and watch her mash it up.
  • John – 16 years ago he and his family came to Camrose.
  • David – Introduced his daughter's in-laws from Oregon to BC and Alberta.  We sometimes forget we're fortunate to live in this part of the world.
  • Dan – Has been here for 10 years this summer and the last two weeks is the most time he's ever spent in the valley, watering the trees.
  • Joy – The Alice Bird Farm in Lacombe is a great place to visit.  Her 92-year-old neighbour has decided she needed an above ground garden so set to work building her one.  Now she needs to figure out what she's going to plant.
  • Anna – had a great day yesterday on the Battle River Railway.  She went back to her hometown of Forestburg that was celebrating their 150th. She's having a great summer.
  • Jim – Happy for each of his grandsons that were riding with him in the golf cart judging the BVJ Parade.
  • Carol – Happy to be gardening, even when the nukes come over from Korea, she will be happy picking her beans.  It's a privilege and pleasure to be a part of Days For Girls.  It's a privilege to do the Canada Flag project, even though she moans and complains about it.
  • Lisa – Even though she has a fear of heights, she is glad she went skydiving in the great company of Destiny and Tina.  She's happy that her feet are back on solid ground and thankful for everyone who supported us.
Guest Speaker – Mike Ryan, Clean Scene
Mike Ryan is a past President of the Edmonton West Rotary Club.  He graduated with Honours with a degree in Psychology and has been one of three awarded the Canadian Criminal Justice Award for Restoration.  Mike is also the founder of Clean Scene, a not for profit organization helping youth with criminal and addiction issues.
But Mike was not always an upstanding citizen.  He is a former 22-year drug user and a convicted felon for armed robbery and drug trafficking.
Mike's drug addiction started when he's was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident.  He had 62 skin grafts and many bone grafts ad given morphine and other medication for the pain, which started his downward spiral.  He was no longer the young hockey kid with dreams of the Detroit Red Wings but a kid looking for his next fix. 
Mike explains the downward spiral from drug abuse into violence and crime and jail.  He was convicted of possessing drugs for trafficking that got knocked down to simple possession and he was given probation.  That verdict was laughable to him and it gave Mike the impetus to continue on his destructive path for many years.  It is no surprise the path he was going down finally led him to prison for 8 and a half years for armed robbery.   
Mike realized as his friends were being murdered in prison or dying of overdoses, the only way out of his lifestyle was recovery or death.  He chose recovery, and as the last inmate to be funded through a federal grant, Mike enrolled in Athabasca University and majored in psychology.  He was finally released from prison and completed his degree with honours while working his day job.
It was at a conference where Mike made the connection that it is a person's self-talk that either gets them in or out of trouble and if people learn how to adjust that, would mean their success in life.
In 2002, Mike founded Clean Scene geared towards youth drug and crime issues.  His own experience gives him the expertise and insight into what these kids are going through and helps to educate them.  Mike develops conversational programs that help people deal with self-talk. 
Self-talk is those things you tell yourself – good or bad – on a daily basis.  He teaches people how to talk to themselves and in turn talk to others.  Mike believes to transform, to grow and thrive and to create their own future is within themselves.
Since 2002, Clean Scene has worked with more than 350,000 youth. Clean Scene has recently received funding from Youth Justice Canada to launch a program called “Live Your Magic”.  LYM is a therapeutic mentorship program for youth aged between twelve to seventeen years that are involved with the justice system and/or have substance abuse issues.
Rotary has taught Mike that the more you care, the more passion you have for helping others, the better your life becomes.  For a man who has been down the rabbit hole and has come back out better for it,  we can only applaud his success and selflessness.
50/50 Draw – Lisa Rohr won $16.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Next Meeting – August. 21, 2017, at Camrose Resort & Casino
Speaker – Sabrina/Augustana – Rotary Youth Leadership Canoe Trip