Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Jul 26, 2017
2017-07-24 Rotary Noon Meeting - Stoney Creek Centre
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am
Introduction of guests:
  • Lisa Rohr
  • Destiny Reay
  • Joy Leblanc
  • Anna Feenstra Harder
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Ken Rostad
  • Carson Hvenegaard
  • Johnson Family - Dennis, Carolyn, Ruth, and Marie
Health of the Club - Good
  • Club Dues are still Due
  • Volunteer still needed for the Attendance Table even if you can't do it ongoing, please see Florence if available.
  • need volunteers to walk in the BVJ Parade.  We will be walking with Organizations Rotary supports.
  • Need volunteers to judge the BVJ Parade Floats from 8:45-10:00 am on August 3.  Please see Kim.
Greeters and Happy Bucks
  • Jim - Son and daughter-in law will be visiting in August from Cypress
  • Joy - Ashley is back from Austria and Ashley's sister has passed all her Diploma exams
  • Sheila - Had her two grandkids for the night
  • Destiny - Wonderful time at the lake
  • Dennis - Happy to have his sisters down and happy to be the only boy
  • Lou - Misplacing the playing cards for 50/50 Draw
  • David - Forgot to introduce his wife as a guest
  • Ken - Didn't defend judges against comment about not needing any qualifications
Guest Speaker - Shirley Rostad, Carman Mason, and Dan Olofson - History of Stoney Creek Centre
Stoney Creek's humble beginnings evolved from a cow pasture to a coal mine and to an informal dump site.  When the Phillips family donated the land, Rotary and partners began its transformation to the space it is today. 
The concept of what Stoney Creek has become began with two men standing on the balcony of Stoney Creek Centre and the statement, "This supports nothing.".  Ideas about the potential of this greenspace took root and plans were made to make it beautiful and functional.
In 1995, Rotary pledged $55,000 over three years for the development of the park.  Trail signs were made, maps, 3 kiosks, and 350 trees were planted.  In 1996, the Rotary Four Seasons Park was opened. 
Over the years, the greenspace took shape.  A hummingbird and butterfly garden was established, pathways put in, a split rail fence and an arbor built.  It was also a learning curve because it was not without its problems.  Fourteen hundred annuals and perennials were put in but they were hard to find in Alberta, so they were ordered from Ottawa.  There were also areas that seemed right at the time but didn't work well anymore.  Brick pathways weren't bordered properly and water drainage was a problem.
By 2013, A garden sign was installed, the water drainage problem was corrected and pathways fixed and widened.  With the outrageous price of $12,000 from Border Paving,  volunteers and $500 dollars, they did the back breaking work themselves.  Another major planting was done with proper edging, swails, and mulch.
This year, the park is seeing another addition.  A portion of land is set aside for the tree dedications to Rotary's inbound and outbound exchange students.  Each student will have their own tree with their name on a central plaque and a pathway will wind through these trees and be known as The Rotary Peace Path.
Also, there is a plan to build a playground that construction starts in September.  There were also plans for a Picnic Park, but that is being set aside for now.
From its humble beginnings, Stoney Creek has changed and evolved.  Rotary with the help of CWSS, the Ski Club, the City of Camrose and its many volunteers should take great pride in the stewardship of this beautiful naturscape we call Stoney Creek.
Presentation Paul Harris Fellowship - Johnson Family
Today, we recognize a special couple - well loved in both New Norway and Camrose communities.  On their passing, their family and friends established a Battle River Community Foundation fund in their honour.  Through the fund, they have continued to keep on giving to the projects near and dear to their hearts.  The have supported this park area on at least four occasions.  To express our thanks and appreciation for their support, we have a special Rotary award for them.
Our newest Paul Harris Fellowship is Marvin and Betty Johnson.  Today, we are pleased to have 4 of their five children with us as we say thanks and present them with this Paul Harris pin and medallion.  Please join us Marie, Carolyn, Ruth, and Dennis as we celebrate this happy occasion.
50/50 Draw - Carman won $10
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Next Meeting - July 31, 2017, at Camrose Resort & Casino
Club Assembly