Posted by Tina Yarbrough on Jul 18, 2017
2017-07-17 Rotary Noon Meeting - Camrose Resort Casino
Carson Hvenegaard - CWSS Summer Coordinator
Lou opened the meeting at 11:45am
Introduction of guests:
  • Ashley White's mother, Mandy.
Health of the Club - Paul reported everyone is good
  • Club Dues are due $250.00
  • Assistance is needed with the attendance table.  Anyone willing to help out should speak to Florence.
  • MyRotary website is updated and has some new improvements.
  • BVJ Parade on Aug. 3 - Maurice Francoeur will be driving with Ken Drever, Lou and Lisa Rohr, President of the Daybreak Club, will be riding in the back.  Details are still being worked on so updates will be coming.
  • Camrose Pride Community has invited Rotarians to walk with them in the parade.
  • Any volunteers willing to walk in the parade with groups we have supported should contact Lou.
  • Letter from Mikkel's Family was read thanking Rotary and invited anyone visiting Denmark to stop by.
Carman fined:
  • Ray Hook for being in good shape at his age in regards to his Voyager Canoe Trip 
  • fine - David Taylor for wearing his name tag on his stomach
  • Jeff Bonner for not having the right trees for the park project
  • Lou Henderson for not ringing the bell loud enough
  • Ashley White for not acknowledging the greeters 
Shirley Rostad fined:
  • 2 tables ($1 per person) for not answering trivia questions correctly.
Guest Speaker - Carson Hvenegaard - CWSS Summer Coordinator
Carmen introduced Carson Hvenegaard, the Summer Coordinator for the Camrose Wildlife Stewardship Society.
CWSS was started in 2002 and is a non-profit society that promotes the protection of wildlife and their habitats.  They provide recreational and educational opportunities  Every Thursday from June 1st to August 3rd, they provide a free 1 -1.5 hour presentation at the Stoney Creek Centre.  There will be a different wildlife or greenspace topic, presented by a professional in that field.
Past Programs
Purple Martin Festival
    Their flagship program includes:
  • Mountain Bluebirds: Trails and tails - Master Bander, Lois Johnson and 40 year bluebird trail manager
  • Haniging out with Hawk Owls - with Gerald Romanchuk, Master Birder and wildlife photographer
  • Purple Martin workshops and tours
  • Ray the Saw-Whet Owl from Beaverhill Bird Observatory
Build this Bat a Home
  • Learning about the Brown Bat and the dangers it faces
  • Build a bat house
Religion and Ecology
  • Augustana Professor Joseph Wiebe uses a case study looking at various ways religious people have tried to get others to engage in and reflect on the state of their world
Plugging into the Sun
  • Nonprofit solar company NEWO explains the basics of solar energy and how to make use of the new advancements.
Beekeeping: Is it for You?
  • Craig Toth, and Edmonton Beekeeper, will go over the basics and show off the materials needed to take a peek into a hive.
Preserving the Peregrines
  • Local Falconer Helen Trefry tells the tale of how peregrine falcons went from being one of the most endangered species in Canada to almost fully revoered thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs  like Trefry's.
Urban Forests
  • City Arborist Kim Vassberg and Parks Director Chris Clarkson speak about their work keepin our city's trees beautiful and healthy.
  • Taught pruning, planting, diseases and pests and how each can affect the many benefits trees give us.
Camrose's Famous Naturalist
  • Dr. Glen Hvenegaard shared his groups fascinating research on Frank Farley, one of Alberta's leading ornithologist and environmentalist in the early 1900's.
Upcoming Programs
Break out your Bikes - July 20th 7pm Stoney Creek Centre
  • Konrad Schellenberg shows you how to maintain your bike and biking techniques so you can have as much fun as possible on Camrose's trails.
Eating out of your Backyard - July 27th 7pm Stoney Creek Centre
  • Go for an informational walk to pick berries and other edible plants in the valley while you learn how to find these treats yourself
  • Back at the Stoney Creek Centre, enjoy what you picked as well as tea and jams made from local and wild ingredients.
All the World's Problems can be solved in a Garden - August 3rd 7pm Stoney Creek Centre
  • Takota Coen of Grass Roots Family Farm explains how their 250 acre organic farm uses permaculture design, gardening with livestock, forest gardening water harvesting and other methods to create living system that is earth restorative and susainably produced high quality and great tasting food that you will get to sample.
CWSS also includes programs for children that include pond dipping in which they learn ecology in Alberta.
In 2015, CWSS was awarded the Emerald Award for Environmental Awareness.
Next Meeting - July 24, 2017 at Stoney Creek Centre.
Speakers are Shirley Rostad and Carman Mason
50/50 Draw
Jeff Bonner's number was drawn, but he drew the nine of diamonds.
Lou adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm