Posted by Edward (Ted) Gillespie on Jul 13, 2017
2017-07-10 Rotary Meeting Evening Meeting – Joint with Daybreak
Kelly Falardo - Blankets for Burn Kids
Lisa opened the meeting at 6:00pm
We sang O'Canada, which was followed by Rotary Grace.
Introduction of Guests:
Kelly -  Blankets for Burn Kids
Gus – runs projects in Central America.
Tracey – Remax Realty – prospective member.
Camrose Victims Services – Ken, Stacy, and Rachael.
Women’s Shelter – Nora Lee
Open Door – Alison and Breanne
Carol and Dale
Ken – Shirley’s Husband
Louise - Ted’s wife
Elaine - Ray’s wife
Leslie – John’s wife
Pat - Jerome’s wife
Bill – Anna’s husband
Daren - Tina’s husband
No Makeups.
Health of the Club – No issues.
Morning Club - Lisa
  • Lisa invited Lou up to the front to recognize the great jobs that Dan and Carol did in the past year.
  • Lisa thanked Dan and the Camrose Resort Casino for another wonderful meal.
  • Daybreak Board meeting Tuesday morning, July 11.
  • There are still flags for sale.  If anyone knows of anyone, please contact Lisa.
  • The Daybreak Club is looking for a new coordinator for the Flag project – if someone from the afternoon club is interested, they would be welcome.
  • She received an invitation from the Pride community – they will be walking in the BVJ parade.  If you are interested in joining them, please talk to Carol.
Afternoon Club - Lou
  • Thanks to Shirley Rostad – for planning the Rotary Youth Exchange Park and working with the City for their plans for redevelopment of Rotary park and the tree planting.
  • The club volunteered at Martha’s Table last Thursday. There were five who helped out.  Thank you to everyone.
  • Thank you to Ray Hook for hosting the Atlanta Convention Alumni evening.
  • Thank you to Dawn Anderson for taking Mikkel to the Airport.  And thanks to everyone who took him anywhere or who hosted him.
  • Thanks to everyone who posted Rotary Events on Facebook this week.  It is a great way of getting the word out.
  • Next meeting for Afternoon Club is Monday, July 17.  Greeters are Carmen and Shirley.
Happy Bucks – John and Grant
  • Ray – Great gathering with other Rotarians who attended the Atlanta Convention.
    • And going to Ft. Sask Rotary tomorrow to present re his canoe trip to the club.
  • Lisa – Evening with Elaine and Ray re the Atlanta Trip
    • Opportunity to participate in the Martha’s Table this week.
  • Paige - Sister and Brother-in-Law moved here.  Sister is Doctor – will be setting up practice!
  • Dan – Volunteered for Martha’s table.  Sad buck because he is late, and is on at 7:00am
  • Mikkel went home last week.
  • Shirley – Completed the first planting of Mikkel’s Tree in Rotary Park last week.
  • Lou – Finally bowed to peer pressure and signed up on facebook.
  • Jeff – Celebrates 6th Wedding anniversary, his birthday and possession of his new house all this week.
  • Destiny – evening at Ray and Elaine’s, also mental health golf tournament.
  • Carol – She and her husband became grandparents.
No fines today.
Guest Speaker – Kelly Felardo – Blankets for Burn Kids.
Kelly showed a video about her program.  She was a survivor of a severe burn when she was young.  Surgeries continued for 18 years.  She always looked different because of the scars and surgeries.  She started to work on loving herself, and now tries to inspire others.  A part of this program is to create art on blankets.  She gives the blankets to kids who are burn victims.  Her purpose is to help people love themselves.
Kelly wants to thank Rotarians for all the incredible things they have done for her and for others.
She was sent to Africa after a fire.  She was shocked to find that people with burns were abandoned and shunned by those around them.  Even family members weren’t helping them.  This is so different from Canada where everyone is loved.  One of the beautiful things the Rotarians did in Africa was to sponsor an event for the teenage girl burn victims.  The local Rotarians helped out and gave what support they could.
Kelly says we strive for perfection which doesn’t exist.  We have to love ourselves even if we don’t have a perfect body.  She wants everyone to love who they are.  Don’t strive for something that doesn’t exist.  It is our heart and soul that make us beautiful.
She started painting and she made $1000 in her first week selling her paintings on Facebook.  She found a way to have her paintings put on blankets.  She started with five.  She loved them – then it came to her that she could help little kids who were burn victims by giving them painted blankets.  She now goes to Rotary and other organizations to ask for help, because she wants to help these kids to feel loved.
At the Rib Tickler event, 19 blankets were sponsored.  If anyone would like to sponsor a blanket, an order form is attached.  She asks “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer a blanket to someone in need, whether they are in the Woman’s Shelter, or a client of Victims Services.”
Lisa thanked Kelly and announced that in addition to the 19 Blankets that were sponsored at the Rib Tickler event, the Morning club had purchased an additional 11 blankets for a total of 30. 
Kelly and Lisa then presented 10 blankets each to the Open Door, Victims Services and Women’s Shelter, organizations.
Lisa pointed out that this year’s Rotary Banner says Rotary – making a difference.  She thanked Kelly again for her presentation.
Next Meeting - 11:45 Monday, July 17, 2017 at the Camrose Resort Casino.
50/50 Draw – David Taylor won the 50/50.
Four Way Test
The members stood and Lou lead the group reciting the Four Way Test.
Lisa adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.