Posted by Edward (Ted) Gillespie on Jun 05, 2017
2017-06-05 Camrose Resort & Casino
Youth Leadership Trip
Dan opened the meeting at 11:50
Dan acknowledged that the meeting is being held on Treaty 6 Land which is a traditional meeting place for the Aboriginal peoples of the area.
We sang O'Canada, which was followed by Rotary Grace.
Introduction of Guests:
  • We were fortunate to have the Rotary Exchange Students from District #5370 in attendance.
  • Bernie Kreiner representing Shelter Box.
  • Ken’s wife Marnie
  • Luke and Rachel from OLMP who went on the Ryla trip
  • Joel and Hugh – Tour leaders on the Rocky Mountain Experience trip.
  • Laura – Assistant Governor
  • Current Inbound councillor for Spruce Grove – Julie
  • Outdoor Education Coordinator with AUC -  Sabrina
  • Dan thanked Mikkel for orchestrating the return of the Rotary Club of Camrose Banner which is now home, after a tour of Northern Alberta and BC.
  • Our evening meeting this month will be June 19th to accommodate all the folks who are going to the international convention in Atlanta.  Mikkel will give his farewell address to the club at the meeting.
  • The next executive meeting will be June 20th.
  • Grant – Notice of Motion
    • Budget be put on the table for June 26 for discussion and approval at the June 26 meeting.
  • No happy bucks because of the large agenda.
  • Dues are due!  Grant is making arrangements to allow E-Transfers for payment – instructions should be available next week.
RYLA summary presentation by Rachel and Luke from OLMP
Rachel and Luke gave a presentation about their recent Ryla experience.
  • Rotary Camp 2017 was a week-long leadership experience at Camp Nakamun.
  • Students were separated into groups for leadership and discussion exercises.
  • Rachel and Luke had a wonderful time and learned a lot.
  • Luke would like to stay connected and grow with Rotary.
  • Rachel learned that you can be a leader without doing everything.
  • Both Rachel and Luke want to be future exchange students.
Dan thanked Rachel and Luke, stating that it is an honour to send great students to the Ryla camp.
Shelterbox Awards
Bernie Keiner, representing Shelterbox made several presentations. 
  • Hero awards for Shelter Box for last two years.
  • To Dan on behalf of Shelter Box Canada – Silver last year and Bronze This year.
  • Laura representing the exchange students (inbound and outbound).  In the past year over $50k has been raised by the students.  Bernie presented the certificates to Laura.
  • Three Thank You Cards for three of the outbound group.  They doubled, tripled and Quadrupled the goal.  Samona, Noya, and Rusa
Photos are posted <here>
Rocky Mountain Tour
Sabrina (Coordinator for outdoor adventure programs with Augustana) talked about this year’s Rocky Mountain Adventure.
  • She explained that after several years of high water in the river, they decided to modify the trip which they now call a Rocky Mountain Adventure. She organized the Rocky Mountain adventure (the current version).
  • This year’s trip featured rock climbing, rappelling, back packing and hiking.
  • As you hike together, you get to spent time together.
  • Hearing the chatter is one of the best things about the trip.
  • The trip is based around community and connecting together.
  • This year was a high snowfall year, so the tour was modified to an area with lower elevations, but several waterfalls.
  • The group returned yesterday, dirty and smelly.
  • Today’s meeting is the last time the exchange students will be able to get together as an organised group.
  • The students told stories about how great the trip was.
  • They all wanted to get to the destination, but the most meaningful (and fun) part of the trip was the journey.
  • Favorite times included the climbing, rappelling, singing songs, and campfires.
  • Pooping in the woods made the top ten as favorite experiences.
  • They thanked the club for the opportunity to have such an amazing experience.
Hugh – one of the leaders spoke about his experience as a Rotary Exchange Student and the global life-long friends that he met and the world cultures that he experienced.  He is a big supporter – and thanked the Club for supporting Rotary exchange now and in the future.
The club gave an ovation in thanks of the group leaders.   Joe, another of the tour leaders, talked about how impressed he is with the exchange students, particularly their hard work and leadership.
Next Meeting is June 12, 2017, 11:45 at the Camrose Rotary Casino
50/50 Draw  - Tony won the draw.
Four Way Test
Tony lead the club to recite the Four Way Test.
Dan adjourned the meeting at 1:00 pm.