President Battani was the focus of Member Spotlight in the June 26, 2019 issue of the Spinning Wheel. This is re-posted with her consent. We are blessed to have her as our President for 2020-2021.
Lisa was born in Ames, Iowa and spent her childhood in the suburbs of Des Moines. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and immediately moved to Arizona to thaw out (It was COLD up there! :-)). Lisa loves spending time with her parents as well as with her brothers and their families. She has an adopted furball named Kiwi who she believes is secretly a puppy zipped up in a catsuit. Kiwi plays fetch and follows Lisa everywhere- the best of both worlds! Lisa adores all animals and feels very fortunate to have a low maintenance pet.
Lisa is an Audiologist with Associated Audiologists, Inc. Lisa loves to be active! Her hobbies include hiking, biking, and anything active and outdoors in warm sunny weather. Lisa's favorite place for vacation is either at the beach or somewhere that she can hike. At karaoke night, you will find Lisa belting out Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". Her favorite meal is grandma's homemade Italian. Lisa's chosen super-power would be the ability to be invisible (maybe to be able to sneak some extra helpings of grandma's food- yumm!).
Lisa living on the edge at the Grand Canyon!