Joint Spousal Membership

Joint Spousal Membership

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Joint membership:


The concept of a joint membership within a single family unit was discussed (at an Executive Meeting held in June 2009).  It was noted that this arrangement was intended to accommodate young members who might be having issues finding sitters, etc. 

Under this plan both spouses would join as a single member with one member being the member of record.   In the event that the member of record could not or chose not to attend, the other member in the family could attend on his / her behalf.

 This processs accomplishes several objectives:

  • both spouses are provided with the opportunity to attend meetings and enjoy the fellowship of Rotary from time to time
  • 100% attendance can be achieved (by the joint memebers) even though they may not be able meet this objective together.
  •  both spouses will receive updates regarding Rotary Activities and will be able to participate in these activities either individually or together.
  •  for events where children are welcome both spouses may attend such functions as a family(e.g. Clean-Up day)